Feb 08 2012

Xbox 720 Rumored to ban pre-owned games.

It’s been circling around the rumour mill for quite some time now. Apparently the new Xbox 720 will include functionality which will effectively hurl the used videogame market all the way to the seventh circle of hell.

While undoubtedly this is great news for the gaming industry. For the consumer on a budget this is basically the death knell for the used game console market. Once one of the big three implements this kind of a system, it will only be a matter of time before the other two jump the bandwagon. While I am lucky enough to be able to buy games new at 69.99 CAD without my wallet trying to suffocate me in my sleep  even I had a hard time justifying the crazy amount of game purchases I made, and I didn’t even buy all the games I wanted.


Now I don’t have a degree in finance or anything but as a avid videogame fan /collector I can say that I feel the gaming industry is its own enemy here. I’m fuzzy on exactly when it happened but standardized pricing in the game industry has led me to step away from a lot of content. Just recently having heard how great Goldeneye Reloaded was and after checking the demo out I decided I NEEDED to buy this game. Who doesn’t want to replay Goldeneye in a more gritty realistic modern setting created with today’s HD graphics. Hell I’m pretty sure I asked for this for Christmas when the PS2 came out. Even my girlfriend has played Goldeneye before we met at a sleepover with no boys present which only proves its popularity. So off I went to the game store ready to make the purchase that would make my dreams come true… at least this week. 69.99 Price tag later and I had to leave empty handed; I couldn’t believe they wanted me to pay the same amount of money for a re-hash of a game I had played when I was 9 years old. Not to take away from the dev team or anything because it is an amazing game. No sane person should throw down 69.99 on nostalgia! The sad thing is for 49.99 they would have sold me that game and maybe some DLC for it if it was available.


I mean this is all speculation at this point since Microsoft has stated they don’t plan to release the new system this year. But when developers like Saints Row: The Third designer Jameson Durall clearly makes statements supporting this kind of a solution. It would not surprise me to see major console developers implement this. Frankly though I don’t think this will actually solve the issue as stopping people from trading in old games will probably just cause them to buy fewer new games. I know that I will buy less. Hell that’s basically the way Mike has been operating for years, most of his game purchases are made on the backs of previously played games.


Just a little more detail on how exactly they plan to accomplish this before I cap this article off. New games will come with a code embedded on the actual disc the game is sold, or included in the coding of games sold digitally. Once the console reads this code it will link it to various accounts on the console and the console itself. Taking the disk or the hard-drive to another person’s house will cause the game to return an error basically telling you to go buy the game again. Arguments of people wanting to get together to play multi-player at someone else’s houses will probably fall flat due to online multi-player and the lack of adequate split screen content in most games. It seems to be what the console builders and the game developers want, but what about us?


What do you guys think? Will this change how many games you buy per year? will it impact how willing you are to take chances on lesser known franchises?


Sound off below!


That’s yo pre-owned hating garbage!

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