Mar 13 2012

XBLA Gamerscore Cap Doubled – Update Confirmed!

The current Xbox Live Arcade gamerscore (G) cap is 200. A rumour is afloat that Microsoft will double its base limit for downloadable titles to 400G. Microsoft will also increase the maximum Achievements available for arcade games to 30, originally 20. This information was gathered from Xbox360Achievements, and will apparently be mandatory on all arcade releases starting June 1st, 2012. For those of you groaning right now, Arcade games launching April 1st, and on can also use this new system if they so choose.

Added to this, XBLA DLC packs will also be modified in a small way. Currently, add DLC for arcade game could only grant you an extra 50G and 5 more achievements every four month (limited to 350G). This will now be changed to 100G and 8 achievements every four months (limited to 800G).

This has now been confirmed!

That’s Yo ‘Gamerscore’ Garbage

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