Apr 03 2012

Rumor: Wii U Graphics Wont Meet 360/PS3 Standards

I don’t think anyone is surprised with this news really, at least I’m not. Nintendo hasn’t really been into the new console= better graphics game for as long as I can remember. Yet this is still a strange decision to me (If its true) as one of the noted flaws of the Wii was its lack of HD games made by third-party developers. My information is coming from this website called GamingIndustry. More of my thoughts after the jump.

Nintendo doesn’t exist in a bubble like back in the days of yore when they really only had to compete with Sega, or Sony. Gaming as an industry is a much different environment now. Its more mainstream, it has a wider fan-base, and people are spending more money on it then ever before. Almost everyone I know under the age of thirty has a gaming system of some kind and I’m not just  talking about my gamer friends.

That said most of the games I own our not made by Sony/Microsoft (I used to have a Wii before the sight of it collecting dust pissed me off and I traded it in.) they are made by third-party developers. Now here is the thing that I can’t wrap my head around.

Nintendo have admitted  themselves that the Wii suffered from a lack of (quality)  third-party support, games that were on the Wii tended to be exclusive to that platform. Games on 360/PS3 also tended to be unavailable on the Wii, or if they were available they were drastically different from their 360/PS3 incarnations. It this lack of third-party support that basically reduced the Wii to a footnote of this current gaming generation. I know tons of people who own Wii’s, a lot of them are non gamers. The thing that both groups have in common is they never use the Wii console.

You can Achieve This On a PS3/360 right now... So How is This Next-Gen

And its this issue that I thought Nintendo was trying to fix with the Wii U. They made a show of lining up third-party support at E3, they talked about how  gamer’s were going to get to experience the franchises they love on the PS3/360 with the Wii U’s innovative touch screen controls. So ok, awesome…except not really. If given the choice between playing Assassins Creed in HD with top of the line graphics on the new Xbox or Playstation or playing with inferior graphics that don’t even match up to a 360/PS3 and a touch screen, I can only speak for myself but I’d rather HD all the time.

I can understand Nintendo trying to bring a cheaper product to the consumer, one of the main strengths of the Wii was its low buy-in. But that sold a lot of units, not a lot of games. If your going to try to compete with 3rd party games with Microsoft and Sony you have to back it up on the technical end as well. Otherwise your just offering an inferior product. It’s like me having a Blu-Ray player and then buying only VHS movies, doesn’t make a lot of sense!

Honestly if this news turns out to be true. It’ll be one more reason for me to ignore the Wii U, aside from the fact that Nintendo’s original IP’s have not inspired me to pick up a controller in years. I think that Nintendo is missing a golden opportunity with this system. Because I honestly don’t know any gamers willing to buy games on inferior hardware because it has touch screen controls. I also don’t know any casual gamers who bought all the shovelware and weight-loss programs available on the Wii that also play Assassins Creed.

Maybe it’s just my personal bias but I don’t think Nintendo can turn this around and make this system appealing to the hardcore gaming market. Am I wrong? Would you settle for crappy graphics for the touchscreen? Sound off in the comments below.

That’s Yo “Ninten-don’t!” Garbage!


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  1. Darklugia

    They are using an anonymous developer because they can’t get any liable references to say this. Everything else we have heard has said otherwise , some developers are even saying they prefer to work with the wii u at this point.

  2. LegoFPS

    agreed. i personally don’t think any of this hardware spec nonsense matters until MS and Sony come out with theirs.

    until then, it’s obvious Wii U will get the same 3rd party multi-platform games as PS3 and 360. and the exclusives will be tailored to fit.

  3. Darklugia

    I think that now that Nintendo will have a console like this, Sony and Microsoft will be forced to recognize them as the legitimate power they are, and the exclusives(i.e. Zelda) in junction with the same games the other systems run will set it over the competition. However, we should let them downplay the wii U, let Microsoft and Sony think it’s no threat, just so when it comes out they can see how screwed over they really are.

  4. LegoFPS

    they are a really good company. they want your money like all the rest, but at least they keep the focus on giving you value for it. and it’s been this way for decades now.

    i don’t know what MS and Sony will do in the future, but Nintendo isn’t going anywhere.

  5. hermod

    Whenever someone mentions ‘hardcore’ gamers, i always tend to picture pre-pubescent children playing cod and shouting racial slanders through their headsets.

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