Jun 14 2012

War-Game Wednesday??

Hey Guys!

Yes there is no War-Game Wednesday video this week, and the reason for this is simple. We have received a lot of good comments/feedback about our videos and what you guys would like to see changed or improved. We have decided to try to implement these changes to help created a better battle report video that focuses more on turn by turn tactics, and less on end of turn recaps to actually allow viewers to see what were doing and why.

This has led to a larger than normal (or at least what we’re used to) amount of time required to produce and edit the videos. Our next video will be released on this coming Wednesday and we hope you enjoy the new more detailed format.


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  1. bboy

    I am very disappointed

  2. G

    Don’t be man… we got some really cool stuff lined up to make it up to you!

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