Apr 25 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 7- Bitterness

Lorenzo's lovingly painted Dindrenzi ships... right before I shot them off the table!

And were back with Episode 7 of War-Game Wednesday. This week we got fed up with waiting for our Firestorm Armada orders and decided to bust out the lottery 1000 point fleets consisting of the random stuff that did arrive from our orders. We chose one of the cool scenarios I found online and then proceeded to chuck dice for all we were worth. More after the jump!

We played a scenario called Blockade Run. For those of you interested the scenario and other ones like it were found here.¬†We played scenario 6. These were scenarios created by someone named Ravager over at The Black Ocean which is an FA fan site. Whoever you are Ravager… Cheers!

I paint like a chimp on cocaine... but I can sure roll dice!

It turned out to be a pretty painful game for Lorenzo who was already having a brutal day even before his dice started failing horribly. The dice screwed him so bad that it didn’t even feel like a real win for me. Lorenzo didn’t make any glaring mistakes that I could tell but he just couldn’t roll well enough to do any real damage to me. This left me basically in the clear and my strategy throughout the game did not change very much as I suffered literally no damage. Watch the video for some more insight.


As always thanks for watching!

That’s Yo “Thank God for Barollo!” Garbage!

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