Mar 28 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 3: Rat-Trap

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode: 3 of War-Game Wednesday. This week Lorenzo and I are joined by the legendary Mike and Steve as we throw down in Heroscape. Also in this video we finally upgraded to a better camcorder and I actually made an effort to fiddle with the editing software. Progress is good! Video and my thoughts on this game after the jump!

Heroscape (Like so many other awesome games) is discontinued. However (Like so many awesome game) there is a loyal die-hard fan base supported by some of the creators of the game that still release new units. So while the game is no longer available in a traditional sense, and getting any kind of collection is going to require some serious E-bay-fu the game has not completely died off.

Heroscape differs slightly from the traditional War-game but not in any real significant ways and were not war-gaming snobs here at TYG and this series of videos is about showcasing some lesser known games. So check out the video, root for team War-games or team Megan-Piper and most importantly drop us a line in the comments section letting us know how were doing!

That’s Yo “Mike can’t roll higher then 9 on a d20 to save his life” Garbage!

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  1. Steve

    Unfortunately the “shinjitzu fuckin’ warriors’ saw no action…

  2. G

    Lol I do have a knack for making up completely retarded names for models when I can’t remember their real name… thank you God for all my useless talents.

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