Jun 27 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 13: Infinity

Sorry for the delay folks we had some hardware issues delaying the posting of this episode. But here it is and its only 23:01  so it is still technically War-Game Wednesday. Enjoy the video and let us here your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks for Watching!

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  1. Hordshyrd

    Just wanted to make a comment on something I’ve seen you guys doing wrong.

    You’ve been making a wip roll at the start of each game turn to decide who goes first right? Yeah, you don’t do that, start of the game you do a wip roll, the winner chooses to either determine deployment or play order, whoever determines the play order, that’s what it is for the rest of the game.

    1. G

      Honestly thanks for pointing that out. I spent all this week reading the rules like it was the last thing on earth so I think I’m aware of all the crap we’ve been doing wrong…. hopefully.

      Thanks for watching though! one more video to go before I can start winning at Firestorm Armada lol

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