Jun 06 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 11- Infinity Batrep

This week’s episode of War-game Wednesday we play a test scenario developed by: PhelanWolf over at the official infinity forums and it can be found here. Since this scenario was asking to be tested we decide we’d use it to do our batrep this week and see what we liked and did not like about it. Click the jump to see the video.

Next week in our Infinity Bat-rep we will be playing another scenario and I will have received my Military Order Pan O secritoriate list. I figure since I have sold Lorenzo on the awesomeness of Infinity its time to actually buy models for the faction I want to play. Lorenzo unsurprisingly has decided to play Aleph. Later this week we will be posting our first lists on TYG for you guys to comment and give us your tips.

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  1. Phelanw0lf

    Thanks for the detailed critique!

    You’re spot on about infiltrator inequality messing with the scenario, which I hadn’t considered, as our local group loves playing with figs with forward deployment options. On our own playthrough, it was a bloodbath in the middle ground as we fought tooth and nail with our infiltrators (I got wiped out).

    The “Leave No Trace” rule (penalties for bodies left behind), was supposed to promote combat, encouraging you to thrash the other guy when behind on evac points, but I hadn’t considered that the “Evacuation” scenario rule would encourage you to disengage ASAP, instead of staying to fight. May remove that for next iteration of the scenario.

    Thanks for giving it a playthrough!

    For scenario play you could, try IJW’s “Yet Another Mission System “(YAMS) in the Infinity Forums, which we’ve been enjoying for random play.

  2. G

    Thank for taking the time to comment. I don’t know if I’d remove the evacuation rule. I would just make killing an enemy figure worth just as many points as evacuating a figure. That way if you do kill a figure you get something for the trouble and can potentilly upset your opponents plan for victory.

    As for the infiltrators I can see how if their common this would of not been an issue for you. And also the map we were playing kind of let my opponent place one scientist where I could not get him, and then infiltrate next to another one. The game was over fairly quickly as he just turtled.

    I think this has potential though and we really liked the black ops feel the mission had. Trying to cover your tracks is an interesting wrinkle.

    Thanks again and I will look up the scenarios you’ve linked above.

  3. Seal

    I was so looking forward to another Infinity batrep today. Logged on and nothing…so I investigate. I’ve been looking all over youtube for Infinity batreps and only came across a few channels. I enjoy unedited turn by turn and everything between videos. I don’t mind that extra chatter. I like to see the orders, the movement, the rolls, the results, basically everything. I enjoy everything Infinity so keep em coming boys. Thanks!

    1. G

      Our next video will be up this Wednesday. And we’ve also been working on getting some real terrain to make our videos better. Basically if you like infinity stay tuned!

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