Apr 18 2012

War-Game Wednesday EP:6- Dust Tactics

And we’re back with another episode of War-Game Wednesday. This week we play Dust Tactics in preperation for the launch of Dust Warfare. Video and more after the jump!

As we said before Dust Tactics is a brutal game, where mistakes or bad luck can hamstring you pretty bad. This was artfully demonstrated by Lorenzo and I in this weeks game. Check the video to see epic amounts of dice fail!

Honestly I really like this game and if your interested you can read my review here!

Based on the fact that we have no idea when we can expect to receive our copy of the Dust Warfare rules I can’t promise what next weeks episode will be. But either expect more Firestorm or Dust Tactics unless Dust Warfare arrives on our shores.

That’s Yo” Works 70% of the Time 100% of the Time!” Garbage!


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