Apr 04 2012

War-Game Wednesday Ep:4 -Too Much Crate!

All right sports fans. Episode 4 of War-game Wednesday is now up for your viewing pleasure. In this episode we play a discontinued game (which is becoming a theme) called AT-43. AT-43 was originally created by the now defunct Rackham Entertainment. Sadly the companies death also means the end for AT-43, which is made worse by the fact that the game itself has a lot of amazing mechanics and interesting rule concepts.  Video and more on AT-43 after the Jump!

AT-43 while officially deceased hasn’t vanished from the tabletop scene. In fact a small group of die-hard AT-43/Confrontation (Fantasy game similar to AT-43 also produced by Rackham) gamers have set up shop on a small forum to try to do their best to keep the game alive. The forum for one of tabletop war-gaming’s most tenacious band of gamers can be found here.

By the time I had gotten around to buying into AT-43 Rackham had already declared bankruptcy and most of my army figures were purchased in the wholesale abandonment of this game by the vast majority of fans. The launch of Fantasy Flight Games’s Dust Tactics did not help as many people traded a dead pre-painted war-game for a much better supported one.

Unfortunately even though I own enough figures to field several 4000+ point armies for truly massive games, for one reason or another the game has yet to see a lot of use. Hopefully War-game Wednesday will change that.

This is our tribute to a great game cut short before its time.Hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed busting out these classic miniatures. Also let us know if you want to see more AT-43 in the comments section below.

That’s Yo “Forced Retirement!” Garbage

P.S: Shout out to Jay for being awesome and just hanging out while we filmed this episode.

P.S.S: Pardon any mistakes we make with the rules as we only had time to do a quick run through before the game. Please let us know of them though as we’d like to not act like morons on film.

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