Jul 04 2012

War-Game Wednesday EP:14 Infinity Batrep

It’s another episode of War-Game Wednesday where we play Infinity and Lorenzo beats me because I dice fail like its my job at this game. Honestly I know it doesn’t seem like I enjoy this game by the later turns of these videos but as we’ve come to learn the rules the eloquence of the system as well as the cool interplay between different model rules, I realized that the game is really awesome. Check the jump to watch the Finale video of our Month of Infinity!…

Thanks for watching our videos, let us know how you like the new format. Next week were going to be back playing Firestorm Armada but Infinity will be back before too long.

Thanks for Watching!

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  1. Solodice

    Going in order by the video.

    Okay some rule stuff for you guys:

    For the coordinated orders. The Proxy MK3 and the Deva were performing one at the beginning. Now it was a get up and then shoot right? Well that means both Spitfires are going to shoot at the same target however both Bursts are HALVED (very important) so both models with be rolling 2 dice. Now then the model being shot at declares his ARO but he only gets one because of the coordinted order. Now it’s the ARO models one die vs one of the 2 dice from the attacker while the other attacker rolls normally. Now see you guys were just rolling 4 dice against 1 and that’s not how it works plus the Devas BS is different then the MK3s so that makes a difference as well. Now other models not being attacked as well will be only to provide one ARO as well.

    If you didn’t understand me this will help: http://infinitythegame.wikispot.org/Coordinated_Order

    G a quick tip. If your BS is utter shit (5 or less) it’s probably best to dodge then shoot as you’ll have a better chance of winning the Face to Face roll.

    Also for ARM rolls you HAVE to get ABOVE the damage of the weapon, So for that Order Sergeant rolling a 10 + 4 ARM (cover and ARM 1) = 14. Now that damage was 14 from the Spitfire. Rolling the exact number does Not cancel out the shot for an ARM roll as it needs to be better then the damage of the weapon. So the Order Sergeant would take a wound there.

    Lt. orders can only be used on the Lt. unless you have strategos lvl 1 or higher where the Lt. can give it to any other friendly model on the table. It was hard to tell if you were using on the Lt. or the Deva w/ Spitfire Lor.

    Fusiliers can only be paramedics not doctors and those things are to totally different things. Docs use there WIP to heal downed friendly models while Paramedics use the patients PH -2 to see if they get back up or not.

    I can’t stress this enough as well. Roll all the freaking dice when the active players order is done doing all his shit and the reactive player calling his AROs.

    Geez G I feel for yeah in the later part of the game. Felt the same way when I was getting curb stomped by two TAGs in a 300 point game. I didn’t even roll for ARM rolls later in the game just said “failed” so I could get it over with.

    Oh and G maybe it would be next time to keep all your troops out of LoF or the guys across the table. Make Lor spend all his orders just to move the first time around not fire and pick off your guys with ease. Oh, and you had the perfect chance to flank with your Knight buddy. Think tactically and you’ll win a game of Infinity. If you need some help just ask me!

    I hope you guys do more stuff with Infinity!

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