May 30 2012

War-Game Wednesday EP:10 Infinity First Impressions

For this episode of War-Game Wednesday we finally got around to trying to play Infinity. Infinity is a great game with a very steep learning curve. So steep in fact some people consider it not worth the trouble. Click the jump to watch Lorenzo and I muddle through our first game and to hear our thoughts.

Well as you can see from the video above we really like Infinity. As much as the game will take us a long time to learn, the tactical options available in-game are so well done and very realistic. As far as skirmish scale games go I have no issue ranking Infinity as the best I’ve played, even only after my first game.

Most of the models for Infinity are down right beautiful. The rulebooks are full color and hard-backed. The production quality of the game is quite high and really there are a lot worse miniatures to drop money on then even the ugliest Infinity model. (I’m looking at you Finecast) For more information and quick start rules check out the Infinity Website.

Also since Lorenzo has basically fallen in love with this game, expect to see a lot more Infinity based content right here on TYG!

That’s Yo” Meatgrinder!” Garbage!

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  1. Bou

    Nice batrep dude! I was going to comment about the Shotgun rules, but I just saw you finally worked how the rule works

    Looking forward to seeing the next one!

  2. T-bono

    ahhh the infinity shotgun rules… lol, they are confusing at first.

    The thing i love about this game is how it feels, all the super tech all over the place makes it seem like its the future, i know 40k is future too, but it doesnt really get the idea of supertech across as well.

  3. G

    I totally agree

    We both used to play 40K until we became disenchanted with it. I can’t ever remember liking it for the intensity of its atmosphere. I think that is due to how different individual units are and the abundance of well written special rules.

    You can do stuff in Infinity that isn’t even possible in 40K

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