Mar 30 2012

Ultimate Spider-Man Premieres This Sunday.

Marvel’s new Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon is set to premiere this Sunday on Disney XD at 11:00pm. This series marks the first time Marvel has ever had a direct hand in creating a Spider-Man Cartoon and to celebrate Marvel has released the above Sizzle Reel trailer.

It’s hard to say when I became such a fan of Spider-Man. It was probably around the same time the 90’s animated series started. I remember having to try to fight with my sisters for use of the television to watch Spider-Man after school rather than Opera. Watching it again now though that series just did not hold up. That being said as a fan of Spider-Man I am definitely looking forward to this adaptation. Marvel has never done me wrong when it came to spider-man… well except maybe the Clone Saga, and One more Day.

At least there is no way it can turn out as bad as Spider-Man 3.

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