Sep 05 2012

Ubisoft Abandons “always on” DRM

Ubisoft’s DRM for PC games has been a constant issue with gamers on the platform for some time now.  The biggest explosion of controversy  probably being the mass of customers who were displeased with it inclusion in the game From Dust and the mass amounts of people demanding refunds for the game.

For those of you who don’t know how Ubisofts DRM it essentially required you to have an online connection in order to launch the game, the biggest problem with it though was it requiring a constant connection to the DRM servers, so if you were to lose your connection at any time the games would stop and close.

It seems Ubisoft has learned that their customers did not appreciate having to deal with this type of DRM though, as they have recently stated that they will no longer be using this type of DRM for their PC releases.  Instead Ubisoft will implement a new system which will require a one time online activation when you first install the game, with no limits on how many PC’s you can install the games on.

I do understand why companies feel the need to implement DRM but it’s never good when it ends up hurting the customer more than it would a pirate so I think this is definitely a step in the right direction.


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