Apr 06 2012

TYG Talks Steve Jobs Movie

In this Episode of TYG Talks we discuss the independent film being made about Steve Jobs, staring Ashton Kutcher. This is a small section from Episode 19 of our Podcast. Let us know what you think, give us you opinion on the subject matter. If you have something you would like us to talk about leave it in the comments below. Thanks for Listening! We appreciate the support.

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  1. dafones

    Regarding that last thirty seconds of that clip … competition is a good thing. This is why you want Microsoft, Google, Samsung and Asus challenging Apple with their own take on similar software and hardware. Doesn’t mean you have to be complacent if / when there’s IP infringement, but Android makes iOS better.

    1. ShimmyShimmyShimSham

      This “competition is a good thing” mantra I see is getting boring, competition is only good when it is healthy competition. Too many people are quick to blindly extol competition as good regardless of what it actually means.

      Competition is not good when one party is blatantly ripping off another and polluting innovation. It is not good when one party is using underhand tactics, exploiting workers, cutting corners at the expense of quality/environment/safety/sustainability or producing low grade products that simply waste hard earned customer money, etc… and there are many more reasons why competition for the sake of competition is a bad thing.

  2. matdevdug

    This is ridiculously disrespectful. The man hasn’t been dead long enough to make a movie about him.

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