Mar 19 2012

TYG Talks – Apple Devices, Data Plans in Canada and 2k Resolution

In this episode of TYG talks, we discuss Apple Devices, Data Plans in Canada and 2k Resolution. This is a small cut out from our weekly Podcast, so if you are interested in more Tech talk check out episode 16 of our Podcast. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Loredo84

    I’m curious what your thoughts are on the resale value of all the ‘ancient’ Apple products kicking around. I came across an email from a co-worker today selling her NotTheNewiPad 1 for $250 and I… wasn’t really sure how to gauge that price at all. Not that I’m interested in buying it – but it did make me question where things should land resale wise for Apple. Frankly, I think the products have a very short shelf life and $250 for the very first generation iPad struck me as optimistic.

  2. Mike

    your co-worker is not too far off actually… I usually use Kijiji or craigslist as a useful tool for pricing used items. Ill explain why. For things like apple devices and phones there are a large amount of people who are selling. Thus making it a buyers market. The people looking at the listing are usually going to be drawn to the lower priced items. This makes all sellers have to match the prices of the others, despite their preconceptions of what they ‘feel’ it is worth. However, there is a limit for everyone, and some how it ends up stabilizing at an (agreed apon) price, that sellers feel they do not want to go under. (this comes after a few months of undercutting each other a little bit at a time). Economics in everyday life. The average price right now is $200-$250, this can be expected to lower a little bit more over the next few months, but after about a year from now they will essentially be worth nothing more then a door stop.

  3. Loredo84

    It ended up going for $200 – which, I feel, is more appropriate. I guess what bothered me so much about it wasn’t so much the resale value of iApple things – just how damn fast the products are in making their way to, as you put it – door steps. Progress is fine, but Apple is starting to bother me somewhat nowadays – the latest version of iApple whatever being the modern version of keeping up with the Jones’s *sigh*

  4. Mike

    very well said Loredo

  5. G

    Ahhh building your own PC’s…

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