Sep 22 2012

TYG Podcast Episode 42 – Sheath Thy Sword

In this weeks episode of the podcast we discuss some recent comic book news, the new tabletop RPG Iron Kingdoms, the new EB Games staff, Final Fantasy 8, and G’s thoughts on How I Met Your Mother. You can download the podcast here, listen to us on Stitcher Radio, subscribe to us on iTunes or listen in after the jump.

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Jason has had a passion for video games ever since he first laid his hands on an NES. He is an enthusiast of gaming and a major tech nerd.

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  1. Stealth 2099

    Have you guys ever considered doing live streams of your Lets Play Video’s or are you sticking to pre-filmed stuff for the foreseeable future?

    Also did an of you end up buying the iPhone 5? If so why?

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