Aug 31 2012

TYG Podcast Episode 39 – Cabbage People

In this weeks episode of the podcast we discuss our experience covering Fan Expo 2012, our favorite moments of Fan Expo and… well really just allot about Fan Expo. You can download the podcast here, subscribe to us on iTunes or listen in after the jump.

Have a question for us or perhaps a lame/good joke to share?  Then e-mail us at podcast@thatsyogarbage.com and we may read it on the air.

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Jason has had a passion for video games ever since he first laid his hands on an NES. He is an enthusiast of gaming and a major tech nerd.


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  1. CMan

    i ended up buying the galaxy nexus outright.

    thanks for the advice.

    new question for you guys: Do you think its still worth paying for Xbox live or do you think Microsoft should offer acess to services like netflix and muktiplayer for free?

  2. Mike

    :) fantastic question!! cant wait to tackle this one

  3. Super F-Z

    Do you guys ever feel like your getting too old for gaming. More recently I have had problems keeping up with work and my personal life and havent had much time to play anything. Even when I do get to sit down and play for a while I find that I no longer have time for long games anymore. Do you guys feel the same way?

  4. Mike

    I totally feel the same way, i love skyrim, but i havnt beaten the game yet and i do not know wheni will. Other games come up and i just can’t put the time in anymore. Most of my gaming now consists of what i can fit into a few hours a month. Its quite sad..

  5. Whitboo

    As Canadians, are you guys avid drinkers of Tim Hortons coffee or do you prefer other sources for caffeine?

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