Jul 19 2012

TYG Podcast Episode 33 – Mind the Gap

 In this weeks episode of the podcast we discuss Lorenzo’s discovery of the Wind-up Wizard build, the newly created “shag a gamer” website, the new tabletop game Warpath and Kings of War, Rush Limbaugh’s problem with the Dark Knight Rises, the San Diego Comic-con, and G’s thoughts on the Secret World. You can download the podcast here, subscribe to us on iTunes or listen in after the jump.

Have a question for us or perhaps a lame/good joke to share?  Then e-mail us at podcast@thatsyogarbage.com and we may read it on the air.

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Jason has had a passion for video games ever since he first laid his hands on an NES. He is an enthusiast of gaming and a major tech nerd.


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  1. Digidebaser

    That guy who got beat up was actually a Canadian in Paris. Also it was the employees of the McDonald’s that did it to him. Kinda fucked up.

  2. SeanH

    Since you guys probably went to see the Dark Knight Rises this weekend I would like to ask what did you think about it? Does it live up to the quality of the last movie?

    1. Mike

      We posted a TYG talks on the Dark Knight Rises, we recorded it right after we saw the movie! Check it out we just uploaded it. It is not spoiler free tho.. so i would suggest watching the movie first. Thanks for the question!

  3. KidRadd

    What do you guys think about the recent patent lawsuits that allowed apple to ban the galaxy nexus and Samsung galaxy tab 10 in the states? Do you think it’s fair that apple can claim that they own ideas such as slide to lock and rounded edges?

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