Nov 21 2014

TYG Plays Lewd and Obscene


Recently a few of the members at TYG decided to get together and play Lewd and Obscene, and thought; why not record it and share it with the world? It turned out to be a lot better than we expected, given that fact that most of us are very rusty when it comes to this sort of thing now. Hit that “Read more button” for some written thoughts, and a video about Lewd and Obscence the card game.

Lewd and Obscene is definately an adult party game. Like most party games, the game mechanics are rather simple, however, it is the interplay of these games that really define them. To begin the game, the starting player picks up a card and reads the word printed on the card aloud, leaving the definition hidden from the group. Players then try their best to define the word. This is where the bulk of the interplay comes into fruition for this game. Once all of the players have written their made up definitions, as well as the player whose turn it is has written down the real definition, they are all shuffled and read allowed. The rest of the players then begin to vote on which definition they feel is the correct one and scoring goes as follows: If you convince a player to vote for your definition, you receive one (1) point. If you vote for the correct definition, you receive one (1) point. Once all the scores are collected, the next player picks a new card and starts all over.


This sounds very very simple, yet there is some strategy and interplay here. As players write their made-up definitions to the word, there are a few things they can consider depending on the word:

1) Not all the words in this game are actually Lewd and Obscene. As an example, Harry Douglas. This is the name of an NFL player, yet it can be easily misinterpreted as something dirty. Therefore, the player could go with the clean answer as a possible definition for even the dirtiest sounding cards.

2) If they know the true answer, they could write a similar definition, but tweak it slighting. This might confuse people into picking your answer. As well, it is a good way to attract attention to your answer being one of the correct ones. “The fallacy of arguing that because “everyone” supposedly thinks or does something, it must be right.”

3) Mimicking the cards. A lot of the cards use interesting names for body parts or actions that occur in the definition. This is a clever trick that you can use to your advantage. I.e. The word Johnson to explain the male reproductive organ. Most people would not refer to this body part as a johnson, thus, it could single out your answer, and convince people it is the correct one.

4) When the answers are being read out loud, every once and a while it is a good idea to react to your answer as being good, or obscene to throw people off. As an example, Jay, one of the members of TYG did this once or twice, and a few of us fell prey to it. In the video above, there is a definition that was semi-convincing, in which he reacted to as being extremely horrible; “why would anyone do that?” I actually had no idea what the correct answer was, and based on his reaction, i was convinced that it was not him who wrote the answer. Logic wise, i thought it would be best to pick the answer i knew at least one person hadn’t written.

Lewd and Obscene is a game that is based around bluffing, and conjuring up ideas to convince other players you are right. Therefore, it is not for everyone. However, in a party setting, i could see this game thriving. Much of this games memorable aspects comes from the interactions that occur between the players that are playing it. Many times throughout the game, you will irrupt into laugher over some of the things that are read, or said aloud. (This does really require a group who is willing to get involved and actively participate)

There are a few downsides to this game: Sadly, there are those who are just unable to conjure up creative ideas, and basically fall on their face while playing the game. Make sure you really think hard about who you play this game with, as it can be a horrible experience for them. As well, i have terrible penmanship, thus, this game makes it hard for me to win. As soon as the player reads out a definition and stutters slightly, the rest of the group knows that this particular definition was not written by that player. No person should have trouble reading their own writing, so when they stutter it becomes a dead giveaway. To remedy this, i find that if you are playing with a group of friends who all know each other, you could just have all players text the person their definitions.

By this point many of you have probably already realized that this game is basically an adult version of Balderdash. Well it is, I would say it is darker, funnier, ruder, step Uncle that was twice removed. Beyond the point system, and bluff mechanic of the game, that can add a lot of interplay, and slyness. The reason I play this game is because, it makes me laugh. Simple as that.


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