Sep 03 2012

Trailer: Sega Heritage Collection

Sega gas released a new trailer showing off some footage of their upcoming digital re-releases of Jet Set Radio, Nights into Dreams and Sonic Adventure 2.  The trailer reveals that Jet Set Radio will be released this September while Nights and Sonic Adventure 2 will be getting released sometime in October.

For those of you interested in specifics we actually have more details on Jet Set Radio.  The game will be hitting PSN for PlayStation Plus users on September 11th, regular PSN members on September 18th XBLA on September 19th and the PSvita on October 16th.  No specific dates for the other games are known as of yet.

I must admit that I certainly love to be able to Play Jet Set Radio on the go and I am definitely looking forward to the re-release of Nights as well but I couldn’t care less about Sonic Adventure 2. I hated that game as a kid, mostly due to all the Knuckles/Rouge and Eggman/Tails levels though.

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