Jul 10 2012

Tomb Raider Behind-the-Scenes Documentary Episode 1: Discusses Lara’s first Kill, and Attempted Sexual Harassment

In collaboration with Geoff Keighley a journalist, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ has decided to craft a behind the scenes documentary of the new Tomb Raider reboot. Keighley will be producing a “Final Hours” series for a behind-the-scenes look at the development on the new Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics describes the series as an “unprecedented, fly-on-the-wall perspective of the twists and turns of game development”, highlighting the developers responsible for rebooting Tomb Raider and what they went through. It is all hosted by Zachary Levi. hit the jump for episode one

In the first episode, you get a full in-depth interview with new Tomb Raider voice actor Camilla Luddington. She discuses working with the company, and being the voice of Lara. The entire episode focuses on the live motion capture scene of Lara getting harassed, and bound, with Camilla Luddington talking about how her first kill affected Lara as a character.

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  1. Jason

    Sexual Harassment ……………………panda

  2. G

    Holy shit Zachary Levi is my idol…

  3. G

    redacted….Camilla Luddington is my idol… god damn…..

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