Jul 05 2012

Tim Hortons soon to offer Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi in public restaurants has been a pretty big thing recently.  Starbucks has been doing it for quite some time and McDonalds has also been doing it for a while in Canada. Now the beloved Canuck coffee franchise has also decided to enter the free Wi-Fi club. The internet will be provided by Bell canada and it is expected to be rolled out to more than 90% of the Tim Hortons restaurant locations in Canada by this September.

While I must admit that I’m not a huge fan of Tim Hortons coffee anymore, its hard to say this isn’t a great thing. Hell considering how many Tim Hortons locations there are out there you could probably argue that buying internet yourself isn’t really necessary anymore.  Hell this one street near our office has SEVEN Tim Hortons locations in less the a 5 km Stretch of road.

Something Tells me it wont be hard to get free Wi-Fi in the Nations Capital

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