Sep 12 2012

Ticket to Ride Pocket is Free Today

The ever popular board game Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonders was released in pocket form during Fall 2011. The game obviously gained a lot of popularity due to its board game counter part, but it was lacking online multiplayer. This was recently added during the latest update, and now the game is a must have. It is not true multiplayer experience as it is an asynchronously multiplayer, however, it does allow you to play multiple games at once. Why is it free? Well to mark the release of the iPhone 5. Get it free while you can!

• A SOLO and PASS-and-PLAY version of the US map that made the original Ticket to Ride board game so compelling and popular (2 million copies and counting…).
• LOCAL play support over a same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network, making it perfect for a game-on-the-go between friends.
• A new MULTI mode for playing asynchronously with one or more online friends, using Game Center under iOS 5. You can even play multiple games simultaneously.
• 30 uniquely fun Game Achievements you can win while playing SOLO!
• Distinct leader boards showing your highest scores in 2-3 and 4-5 player modes and on Game Center.
• Four distinct AI personalities to compete against.
• A new under 2 minute Tutorial video, custom-shot for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

Version 1.2 adds

• New USA 1910 Expansion (available as an In App Purchase) adds new Tickets and 3 new ways to play on the US map.
• 10 new achievements to unlock.

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