May 15 2012

Three Games I Wish Existed

I am not a game developer, the closet I came to developing a game was back in high school where I made a tank game using turing. It was a pretty simple game, player one was on the top of the screen and player two was on the bottom. Using the arrow keys (p2) or A,D, keys (p1) you move side to side and hit the up arrow (p2) or W key (p1) to fire; three hits your dead. It was like sideways Pong minus the fact that you wanted to dodge the little white square coming towards you. It got me an A in the class, but really it didn’t do much else for me. Anyways, I’m a bit of a thinker, dreamer and idea maker and I wish there were some games that existed. The beautiful thing about the internet and digital distribution is that there are a ton of games made by ‘the little guys’ that I or others may not have heard of. Thus, if I have mentioned a game that already exists, please let me know.. because I want to play it!

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These are in no particular order.

1) The first game i wish existed kind of already exists as two separate games. Essentially, I want Bioware to make a game that is like Fallout/Skyrim, but with a Mass Effect theme. What does this mean exactly? An open world Mass Effect game, where you (eventually) get a ship, hire crew, and have allies and you travel around from planet to planet doing quests/missions.

You can start off as either: human, Salarian, Turian, Asari, Krogan.. etc. Each race has the same start location, but has different  ‘home’ planets, and obviously the galaxy has to react differently to each race based on the huge ME history. The combat and level system will look a lot like Fallout, perks would be a nice addition, and current abilities already work; tech, biotic etc.The ship you start off with should be crap, and as you go through the game it can be modified and upgraded to get better, and hold more crew. Thus, allowing you to travel further, and space battles would be amazing.

The Mass Effect franchise has built a very strong ‘back-story’ over the past few games. Where this game would fit timeline-wise remains to be seen; it could be a few years after Sheppard, or even a prequel would be acceptable. Myself, I would find it rather enjoyable exploring the home worlds of some races, fighting some space creatures from different planets, and learning more about the Mass Effect Galaxy. BioWare can go in many directions in terms of story, creatures, villains, and world to explore. The content is there, the story is there, let us experience it, most of the ‘work’ is already done. The game will sell by its name alone.

2) An open “world zombie -ish”survival game, where you have to find a places to hold-up and live for as long as you can. No not Dead Rising. Let’s say for the sake of having a starting point, it is a mix of the movie “I Am Legend, tower defense and Minecraft. The game is split up into phases, the morning is where you: Look for survivors, weapons, utilities, raid stores, build fences, set traps, harvest food, cut trees, etc.. At night, you survive.. The longer you stay in one place, the harder the “zombies” attack the next night because they know you are there. Therefore, staying in one place the whole game will be tough.

Allies help as you can set them to do some tasks for you, guard positions and well be bait. However, not everyone you meet will be friend, everyone wants to survive so encounters with humans both day and night are possible. Much like “I Am Legend” the zombies need to have a weakness that can be easily exploited making you feel like you have a chance. (example: light, water, gas etc.)

Minecraft has the closest example I can think of for my game idea. However, in Minecraft you can just sleep through the night, I want the nights to be full of tension, pressure and fear that you will not survive to the next day. You will know that when night comes and your not prepared, things are going to get rough and you will plan accordingly. During the day you will be building a lot of things, but it won’t be full buildings and structures. It will mostly consist of fortifying a position with gates, barred windows and such. Thus, using your surroundings it very key to your survival. My idea pool for this game is pretty huge, but because this is the internet I can’t completely share everything because, well you know…

3) This game is going to be hard to explain in writing and I have a horrible jumping off point to start. I want the game to sort of play like Dynasty Warriors games(or the Starwars battlefront series). You still there? If you are hear me out. When i was smaller I used to spend hour reading about myths, legends and heroes. Basically, I play games to live out things I obviously cannot do in real life. Thus, I want to go back in time and live out these classic battles, being a hero or notable person in control of the forces.

Here’s an example: Let’s say we used Homer’s Iliad as the story, and we played as Achilles for the Greeks or Aeneas for the Trojans. I want the game to be one long battle, where, you are in control of the hero on the battle, in first/third person mode, but can pause to get an overhead view of the battle field and control units to make tactical strikes, flank and counter your opposing teams actions. (army control would be a lot like the Total War games) Each chapter should be one huge battle, it continues until you complete your goal or you lose and have to start again. Let’s say in this example your goal as the Trojan’s is to push the Greeks back, and either kill them or make them flee. How you achieve this is based on how well you fight as your hero on the battlefield, how you control your units, and how you control the tides of battle. Run when hope is lost, and press on when victory is in sight. As many know wars are fought and won one battle at a time. At first you may need to keep launching small attacks on the Greek camps, before your send your forces out to press them back.

History can be changed, events can play out differently and battles cannot be won in a hour, it should take several hours to win the war, most of the time you will be in the skin of your hero, slashing down foes and gaining experience. Each opponent will have heroes of their own, some that start out stronger then you, forcing you to run from a one on one combat against them. This will obviously be part of your battle strategy as you will have hints of where certain heroes are on the battle field. Armor and weapon improvements will be gained as you take on stronger enemies, as well has new moves and special abilities as you level.

How cool would it be to be a hero in this battle on the front lines in first-person mode changing the tides of battle, and taking the next key strategic position?

The game will not just focus on one war, essentially, it would focus on some of the more famous myth, legends and heroes. It will all be linked to a man telling the stories, and ending it on the basis that heroes in this sense have died, but live forever in history.

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  1. Draco18s

    I’m with you on #3, though the idea I had was set in the Temeraire universe. Because I like dragons and that kind of combat would be really neat to see in a game.

    1. Mike

      let’s be real here for a second… who doesn’t like dragons??

      1. Draco18s

        Dovahkiin. :P

        1. Mike

          until they can ride them…

  2. trim_dougherty

    A freaking sequel to Advent Rising.

  3. jontss

    The last one, where you can enter individual units or control from above, can be done in the Dungeon Keeper series. Probably my favorite part of the game.

    I’ve yet to see it in any other games but it may have been done since I don’t game a whole lot.

  4. swesch

    Also sound quite similar to Mount & Blade.

  5. Lina

    my list includes a finished earthbound 64 + a pokemon type mmorpg :)

  6. Mike

    It looks like i have some games to check out (Mount & Blade, Dungeon Keeper)

  7. Leone Siciliani

    a Troy game sounds great

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