Feb 15 2012

The Walking Dead: Zombies Walk Slow! + a Game!

So season 2 is back, and it’s a good thing they did a mid-season break… because this episode slowed the pace down to a halt, just when you thought it would finally start moving. (I was hoping they would leave the farm)

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To say this show has a lot of up a downs would be incorrect, its mostly down then jumps up, gets you pumped and then drops again. I don’t know about most of the viewers, but I don’t feel the suspense, or connection to any of the characters like I while reading the comic. I surely do not remember it being so dragged out. There is plenty of content from the comics that can be used as fantastic scripting, and it seems like they are lingering on parts for too long. I really feel like this show needs to start moving. The end of the episode brought on actual conflict, but it feels wrong. At this point in the comic, Rick was much more trusting. Hell, he didn’t go off the deep end until after the run in with the Governor. I feel the like pressure of his being a leader is being built upon to too prematurely. In retrospect they really have not done much, his interaction with outside people has been very minimum. I understand the need to protect the group, however, it seems as the though the story is crawling, but the character development is running. Don’t get me wrong, those two ingrates had ‘trouble’ all over them, but for Rick to cap them in cold blood seems unjustified.

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I realize Kirkman has spoken about changing the story for the TV show. I do not know why he wants to fix something that isn’t broken. Regardless, why the hell is Shane still alive….I really do feel a battle coming on where Carl is going to need to decided to follow Shane or his real dad soon. This episode did mention that Carl said he would have shot Sophia.

For what it’s worth, there was quite a bit of drama at the beginning of the episode, Zombie Beth’s mom not being full dead, but still undead was a nice touch. “Hey Hershel look they are not alive, she still wants to eat flesh!” The one thing that kinda threw me off was when Hershel said it was Otis’ job to put the zombies in the barn. Thus, relieving him of any connection to Sophia being in the barn. (interrupt time).

First off, that seems like a ‘big’ task for one person to be doing alone, and secondly how does she get in the barn before Otis’ dies. There is no way she could have made it to that house, left her doll, died, and then “zombie walked” onto the property of the farm, all before Carl got shot. Even if that is possible, how could no one else have seen Sophia in the barn (what about the girl feeding them everyday?), it’s not like zombies play hide and seek.

Now onto Lori, what the hell. Really she has a huge major accident while driving to go help Rick. Once again: firstly, why is she going to help Rick bring back Hershel? When she has sat by while Rick has done many more dangerous things.Think about it, the town isn’t even that dangerous, she was fine with letting Glenn go and get her abortion pills. Never even thought twice, but now all of a sudden, the town is a giant place of death, and Rick can’t do it without me!!!!! (Lori can’t even shoot a gun)These females roles need to be strengthened. Thirdly, Wow what a crash she had, it’s like the over-exaggerated bullshit you would get from One Tree Hill, or other similar TV sitcoms. STUPID!

Like I have mentioned before, this is one episode in a larger arch. For all I know, there could be things I am missing that could be benchmarks for future episodes. However, as it stands now this episode bothered me more then entertained me.


Oh yea the game, Telltale Games has released some new information on the Walking Dead game. Press the link to be brought to their website. Essentially, they have some new screen shots, and a video called “playing dead” which will take you behind the scenes for the creation of the game. GAME UPDATE CLICK HERE

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    the game is going to be shit, i have never played a good zombie game. I do believe you were a bit to harsh here///

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