Jul 06 2012

The Walking Dead FPS Game Announced

Activision has heard the call and has a Walking Dead FPS coming.

The game will be set before the beginning of the series proper and will follow Daryl and Merle as they make their way to Atlanta. The player will be in Daryl’s boots as he chooses to fight or avoid zombies.

Resource management will be a key aspect of the game. Food and ammo will be in short supply and will have to be carefully rationed in order to get to the “safety” of the big city. Other characters from the show will also appear in-game and can even be recruited to join your party.

The game is being developed by Terminal Reality, who aren’t unfamiliar with licensed FPS games: They developed the recent Ghostbusters game

The question here will be how The Walking Dead differentiates itself from the other zombie shooters out there. Left 4 Dead and Day Z have set a high bar for zombie games and Telltale’s own version of the game has been a hit with fans of both the show and the comic. Terminal Reality has a real challenge on its hands and we’re excited to see how they meet it.

The game will be released in 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


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