Jul 12 2012

The Secret World: Video Review Part 1

I know we said on the TYG podcast that we were not going to review this game because MMO’s are expensive and unjustifiable time commitments. Yes we may be more than a little hypocritical but whatever its the Internet. Needless to say we (mainly G) have decided to review The Secret World in a three-part video series that will show my opinions over time, instead of playing for one day and then giving you a lump score at the end. Kinda like IGN doing a second opinion video on Diablo 3 with guys that had not reached the end-game. More after the jump.

There are a few things I want to mention about The Secret World that I did not cover adequately in the video because at the time of the recording I had yet to experience it. Some of the quests in this game really require you to think before a way to continue becomes clear. Using the in-game browser to locate clues through big brother… er I mean google. I say locate clues not cheat and use guides but google will give you both.

I love this, I think this type of quest design is one of the strongest strengths of The Secret World and it really helps the game stand out from the pack of MMO’s on the market. Also if you are playing the game and think quests are bugged because you don’t know where to go next stop spamming general chat and L2P.

I don’t know how exactly to explain this is gamer speak so I’ll try to get my point across normally. When performing quests in other MMO’s if someone beats you to the spawn point of a mob you need and kills it, your pretty much screwed. Spawn times in the Secret World are fast for mobs causing them to appear fairly quickly, but the best part is if you are fighting a mob you need for a quest and a random stranger jumps in to help you the game awards you both for the kill. You don’t have to be in a group, just get a hit on an enemy and your basically clear. This saves time, breeds a sense of commanderie and just does not annoy me as much as waiting for respawns.

All In I love this game so far, Stay tuned here for Episode 2 early next week.

Thanks For Watching/Reading.

P.S My Character name is Sakura and I play on the Daemon Server.

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  1. Mike

    My milkshake brings all the ghouls to the yard, and their like.. its better then yours.

  2. stanark

    I kinda don’t like how I have to google shit to solve in game puzzles. Couldn’t they just give us the tools to solve these things in-game rather than forcing us to use a web browser.

  3. G

    I can see your issue. But the game does make fun of google for being the big brother creeper entity that it is. I’m sure steps could of been made to integrate the google search thing and make it more seamless though.

    Frankly one of the NPC’s said “The Mayans got it wrong, any idiot with google will tell you that.” and I cried of laughter. It does somewhat break immersion though, could of been done better with a smart phone google GUI image or something.

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