Aug 02 2012

The Giana Sisters Return with new Kickstarter Project

The great Giana Sisters franchise certainly has an interesting history. The original game for the Amiga and Commodore 64 was what most people would call a massive rip off of Super Mario Bros on the NES, so much so that the game was actually forced off store shelves not long after its initial release; however, the game did get a remake on the Nintendo DS back in November of Last year. Now Black Forest Games wants to bring the Giana sisters back in this new project for PC, XBLA and PSN. The game is once again another 2D platformer but now it attempts to change things up with a world twisting mechanic. Personally I think it looks pretty cool. Hopefully they can reach their goal of $150,000.00 and get the project done.

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  1. Mike

    is it just me or did you guys at first pronounce this game title with a heavy Italian spin? Ha! spin see what i did there?

  2. BassBoss

    I had the original game on the Amiga, it wasn’t very good. Though what they made 25 years ago probably isn’t any indication of what they can make now. I definitely like the art style for the game.

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