Jun 06 2012

The Future of Final Fantasy Looks Good

Square-Enix showed off a real time tech demo of what they think the Final Fantasy franchise willl look like someday. If you ask me, the future looks good.

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  1. Serty

    Ok …. It looks good, and the main character looks crazy hot. But if im just pressing X all game this means shit for the future.

  2. G

    Yea I’m with Serty on this. We all know Square can make beautiful CG. Nobody doubts them its that area. What we doubt is their ability to marry great storytelling and characters with entertaining and fun game-play. That’s been their stumbling blocks since FFX, not CG.

  3. Trevor

    from what I know so far they are going the route of Kindgon Hearts combat style for future FF titles, which if you ask me is a miracle.

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