May 04 2012

The Elder Scrolls Online Debut Trailer

Well this is pretty damn surprising.  Not only has The Elder Scrolls Online been announced but we also have a debut trailer for the MMO.  Details for the game are due in the June issue of Game Informer but we do know that the game is being developed for both Windows and Mac OSX.  The game is also set a millennium before Skyrim and focus’ on three factions waging war against each other for control of the Emperor’s Throne, which would explain the idea of the three dragons eating each other found in the game’s logo.

In other news Blizzard and EA are probably shitting their pants over this new potential competitor in the MMO market.

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  1. hococ

    holy fuck

  2. Autopilot

    OH man, I thought this should have been done like way after Morrowind, which by the way is still the best of the bethesda elder scroll games.

  3. Loredo84

    I’m cautiously optimistic here. I’m a complete fangirl (yes, girl! lol. . ) of TES, but I’m worried that this world is going to be so player driven we’ll end up with another Eve Online *cough*

    NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH EVE ONLINE! I just don’t think I have enough life to sink into an MMO that would heavily rely on player generated content. Which TES ‘shouldn’t’ rely on, IMHO. So I worry about that, slightly. I’m concerned striking a balance between PvE and PvP may be a bit of a challenge here. But we’ll see :)

    Also, I’m somewhat concerned that subscription fees are going to be higher for this than any other MMO – just because TES fans will throw money at it anyway – and the developers know this.

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