Apr 23 2012

Super Score! : Finding the value of your Comic Book Part 1

Many people have piles of old comic books in attics and basements piled up and collecting dust, not knowing their value or worth. Most people had been collecting for years as simply fans and once the novelty had worn off they pack them away and leave them to be forgotten. Little do these people know that they might be sitting on some extra cash and can be worth quite a bit. The purpose of this article is to edge fans to dig into their closets and attics, and find those old comics! With a few simple guidelines, this article should help you easily be able to figure out how much your comic book is truly worth.

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Step 1: Grade your Comic!

The first step in finding the value of your comic book would be to simple assess the physical condition of the comic book itself. Pick it up and look through its pages starting with its cover.

Cover → when looking at the comic book cover look for things like:

  • Creases
  • Torn areas
  • Fading
  • Lays Flat or Curved
  • Stains / Markings


Inside → when looking at the pages of a comic book look for things like:

  • Creases
  • Torn Areas
  • Fading / Discolouration
  • Yellowing
  • Stains / Markings


*Note: markings within or on the book will decrease its value except that of an autograph, which is acceptable considering its authenticity and who the autograph pertains to.

*Note: many comic books come with advertisements and coupons, if the coupons had been cut out of the book, this drastically depreciates its value. Therefore, in order for a comic book to maintain its worth it must be fully intact at the very least.


Once you have taken the time and chance to asses your comic, rate to the comic book on a conditional scale of ‘Mint Condition’ to ‘Poor Condition’.


Conditional scale rating system:

  • Mint Condition
  • Near Mint Condition
  • Very Fine Condition
  • Fine Condition
  • Very Good Condition
  • Good Condition
  • Fair Condition
  • Very Poor Condition


(Example) Mint Condition:

Cover →

  • no wear
  • no creases
  • crisp corners
  • no fading / discolouration
  • lays flat
  • no tares
  • no markings / stains

Spine →

  • straight edge (no rolling)
  • no creases
  • staples intact / not rusted

Pages →

  • no tares
  • no discolouration / fading / ‘yellowing’
  • no stains / marks

Overall rating : ( 8/8 ) may as well be brand new.


(Example) Fine Condition:

Cover →

  • minor wear
  • minor creasing
  • corners blunted

Spine →

  • minor staple discolouration
  • minor creasing
  • minor rolling

Pages →

  • edge tears
  • minor discolouration
  • minor ‘tanning’ of pages
  • minor staining

Overall rating: ( 5/8 ) may be weathered but still in fair condition


(Example) Poor Condition:

Cover →

  • non-existent
  • major wear
  • major staining / markings
  • barley visible / unrecognisable
  • majority torn

Spine →

  • Bent
  • Torn
  • missing / rusted staples

Pages →

  • staining / mould / markings
  • missing pages
  • torn pages
  • Brittle pages

Overall rating: ( 1/8 ) may as well be used as toilet paper .


Knowing the grade of a comic book is very subjective therefore a ‘mint condition’ to one person may not be considered a ‘mint condition’ to someone else. When buying and selling, make sure you understand the grading terms and take the time to look over your comic, which can help you avoid the backlash of potential buyers, and protect yourself from being scammed… KNOW YOUR GRADE! If you are having issues assessing the condition there are organizations that can provide you with some help in grading you book, though, be aware it will cost you therefore it may not be financially wise to have all your comic books graded if you have a large number of them. If you do choose to use these resources then it may be useful for comics that you might think have a rare value but are still unsure as to how to grade it. ( these organizations can be found online ) .

Stay tuned Heroes for the following Steps:

Step 2: Checking your Price Guide

Step 3: Compare Against current Sales

Step 4: Set realistic Goals & Protecting your product

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