Jun 11 2012

Super Score! : Finding the value of your Comic Book Part 3

Step 3: Compare Against Current Sales

Once you know the condition of your comic, an essential step in knowing how much it’s worth, (see Step 1: Grade your Comic!) and once you know how to price your comic which can save you a lot of unnecessary hassle (see Step 2: Checking your Price Guide ), your next step is to compare it against current sales.

Auctions, such as Ebay, are a great way to see how much people are willing to pay for a comic book and more specifically, your comic book. Sometimes you might be surprised what people are willing to pay and sometimes that piece you thought was gold might be worth pennies. This can be because of many different factors: There might be too many of the same comic available, Other times there just isn’t a buyer willing to pay what you want, someone might be offering a better graded version of your same comic, ect. But either way, checking auctions sites will give you a good idea as to what the comic book is worth on the market. Knowing a base average worth of your comic is a great start (see Step 2: Checking your Price Guide) in understanding how to price your comic but these uncontrollable factors do take effect in the overall worth. Buying and selling comics has become a huge part of the collecting hobby. people have always been limited as to where they could buy and sell those comics, but now with the Internet, there is an immense wealth of places to search, sell, or/and buy. Take a look at the these top auction sites:

1. Ebay

Ebay is still the largest auction site out there. They are hugely profitable and popular. Your bound to find just the perfect item for your collection as well as being able to sell your comic with such a large user base.

2. Comic Connect

Comic Connect has made some big splashes in the comic auction market lately with their record breaking sales of comics; primarily a seller of silver and gold age comics and have tens of thousands of comics to choose from. Their CEO, Stephen Fisher created the 10 point grading scale for comics and their COO, Vincent Zurzolo, founded the Big Apple (New York) Comic-Con. These are people that live for comic books making their site a treasure chest for comic stuff.

3. Heritage Auctions

They specialize in rare comics and will either buy your comics to sell or they will work on a consignment basis. They do take a cut of the final sale, usually starts at about 15%. One really great thing about Heritage Auctions is that they will allow you to put together a “Wants List”, of comics you are looking for. When available, they let you know.

Finding information about a comic book is a great way to get a good idea of comic value, especially if your having trouble with a price guide or auction site. You may have an unusual or rare item on your hands and not even know it. The only suggestion here is to have patience and keep looking; know its base price, know the prices online, know your competition when selling, and have patience when buying. A little patience gets you a long way.

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