Jan 11 2012

Stuff Like this Makes me Happy

WTF is Harry’s Law… well its a TV show… do I care about it …. no… no I do not… However, its stuff like this…

Yup Happy :)

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This is Erica Durance as Wonder Woman, formerly known as Lois Lane on Smallville, but looks stunning in a Wonder Woman Costume. What’s funny is that Kelley will get his Wonder Woman on TV one way or another. For those just tuning in David E. Kelley was the guy trying to get a Wonder Woman reboot on NBC, but was tossed away like yesterdays Garbage! Plus that shinny costume was terrible….  I’ve seen better Wonder Woman costumes at WalMart during Halloween.

The back story is that Erica Durance will play a woman who thinks she is Wonder Woman. She retreats into this DC comic heroine to battle and seek revenge against perpetrators of domestic violence. The Episode airs tonight  Jan. 11/12 at 9:00pm ET on NBC.

THAT’S YO GARBAGE!!! eatttttt ittt!!!

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