Aug 17 2012

Studio Sparta Announced by Spartan Games

Lol this is what I’ve been dreaming of!

Wow is it just me of has it been a long time since I’ve posted a news article… Anyway today Studio Sparta was announced by the people at Spartan Games (They make Firestorm Armada/Dystopian Wars and Uncharted Seas tabletop games. Studio Sparta is  a mail order company that offers a diverse range of figures, vehicles and scenery that do not have any of the constraints of being locked to our core games, and are not limited to models that can be mass-produced for stores to stock. Do you want to know more?

Alien invasions set in Dystopian Wars… pretty cool. H.G Wells would love this.

Basically it seems Studio Sparta is a branch of the company that will focus on doing cool stuff for their existing ranges that may or may not tie in directly to the main games. Planetfall seems very interesting as it allows for entire solar system conquering campaigns. Home brew rules for how ships in space can alter battles on the ground and your left with a fuller universe where conquering the space around a planet is no longer enough to fully subdue the enemy. The men on the ground might not be as easy to silence.

As for the Alien ships pictured above I got nothing to say other than this is awesome. Now you can play out steampunk War of the Worlds battles in the comfort of your own home. Overall I like whats on offer from Studio Sparta and would love to see these ranges become more fully supported and maybe even become parts of their parent games.

For those of you interested the details of the two ranges are copy pasta’d below.


If you think about it, the act of invading a planet is not a simple one! To fully subdue your enemy we think you’ll need to embrace three key Phases of game play. The first phase is brutal ground-pounding combat using massive forces of tanks, ground attack craft, mechanical walkers and heavily armoured infantry. We call this Planetfall and it will be presented in 10mm scale.

You can get stuck into Planetfall straight away as Studio Sparta launches with the Dindrenzi Federation and Terran Alliance Kickstart Boxes as well as a range of other models that you can add to your force. The Kickstart Boxes offer amazing value for money, including an unbelievable number of stunning models, a full colour Rulebook, dice, a measuring aid and lots more. You can also enjoy special introductory prices on all Planetfall models, so head on over to Studio Sparta and start building your collection!


Alien Invaders:

The current Invaders range consists of their intimidating Walker war engines and swarms of insect-like flying support craft, including the terrifying Hive Ship and the devastating Invader Cruiser. Soon you will be able to field whole armies of these strange, deadly bio-mechanical creations.

It’s not only in Dystopian Wars where the Invaders can walk. The models have been designed to fit comfortably with almost any scale of miniature. Imagine the Invaders attacking units of 15mm scale Firestorm Invasion Terran Infantry, or marvel as 10mm scale Dindrenzi armour is pulverized by devastating weapon systems onboard an Invader Hive Ship.

No gaming table is safe from their relentless march! Go to Studio Sparta and indulge yourself…

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