May 07 2012

Strange Internal Apple Video from 1984

As Jason would say: This is kind of fucked up.  According to Network World who obtained the video from a former Apple employee, this film was produced with a $50,000 budget [it shows] and screened for an international sales force in 1984. The 9 minute propaganda piece parallels World War 2, with Apple doing battle against IBM i.e. “the big blue blob” — major competition at the time. Even then-CEO Steve Jobs demonstrates his acting skills with the portrayal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a cameo around the 5:30 mark. Hit the jump and check it out.

With Apple fast running out of cat species for Mac OS, perhaps they can look to the past for inspiration. To quote the kernel:

“Remember. The enemy is big, but we are smart. They are the elephant, we are the mouse.”


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