Apr 03 2012

Star Wars Kinect makes me feel dead inside

Words cannot even describe what I just saw. I feel like I was thrown into some sort of weird Twilight Zone nightmare reality.

Is this what Star Wars fans wanted? I mean really, who asked for this?

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Jason has had a passion for video games ever since he first laid his hands on an NES. He is an enthusiast of gaming and a major tech nerd.


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  1. G

    THIS IS THE FINAL OUTRAGE! I’m going home and throwing out everything I own that is Star Wars related.

  2. redytp

    can you guys please Demo this game when it comes out?

  3. G

    You know we will… Marc has a Kinnect, we will just need to find a day.

  4. Mike

    ooo’uooo that’s my ship! that’s my ship


  5. Deusa

    dance dance dance

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