Jun 27 2012

Some Thoughts on Warhammer 40k 6th Edition…

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only...Imperial detachments

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only…Imperial detachments

With the release of the new 6th edition rulebook for Warhammer 40k only four days away, I thought G and myself should take a moment to share some of our thoughts on this upcoming edition based on the confirmed rumours.

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Now, before anyone starts in on me for my somewhat…acerbic opinions on 6th edition and on Games Workshop in general, I would like to point out that I played 40k for a number of years, starting in 4th edition, and have spent quite a bit of time and money on a few armies (Grey Knights with the old codex, Space Marines and Black Templars) and used to play a fair amount of the game. Ultimately, however, I just couldn’t stomach giving a company money that seems to treat its customers (particularly competitive wargamers) with so much contempt.

With that said, here’s a quick rundown on my thoughts regarding several of the changes:


Random Charge Distances: Because randomness = FUN!!!!

L: Personally I see this as nothing more than yet another dig at competitive players. Introducing randomness to such a critical moment for assault units further degrades the thinking players ability to use skill and planning to position their units for success and instead is clearly intended for the “lolz you rolled snake-eyes and can’t charge me, now I can shoot your whole unit off the board! HAHA!” effect.

Considering the seething hatred I keep seeing from Fantasy players over this mechanic in the 8th edition Fantasy rules, I have a hard time seeing its introduction into 40k as anything other than part of GW’s continuing mission to alienate competitive 40k players as much as possible.

Please recall that Jervis and others in charge of game design at GW have made their disdain for competitive players quite clear and have been very insistent that GW games are meant to be “beer and pretzels” games with friends for laughs and certainly not anything so uncouth as a competitive wargame.

G: You know what used to bother me in 4th edition. was rolling to see if I could get the six I needed for fleet to get in assault. The concept of having to do it now with the enemy not only getting to shoot me if I’m caught flat-footed in overwatch and then shot in their turn  turns me off.


Terrain in the FOC: Here, buy some GW terrain kits!

L: While I would point out the introduction of this mechanic as yet another shot at tournament organizers, there’s not much point in that because self-evidently every T.O. is going to summarily ban this idiocy for the joke that it is. Just another self-evident money grab from GW designed to encourage players to spend money on GW’s terrain kits (which incidentally got the biggest price hikes in the last round of price increases) and to discourage players from buying or building non GW terrain (since the terrain FOC rules specify GW produced terrain kits).

G: GW loves money… We all know this. Allowing terrain into the F.O.C is a joke, it is also a blatant cash grab. I’d be more mad about this but its GW and frankly I’m surprised they don’t charge you to breathe the air in their stores.


Fliers Rules: These sound awesome! Run out and buy fliers NOW NOW NOW…before you remember IG have Hydras and they laugh at your fliers before shooting them all down.

L: Flyers rules sound neat at first glance, they can move fast and fire a lot of weapons, they are hard to hit by any weapons (hitting on 6s) by any weapons without the Skyfire rule, etc. This is before people think about it and realize that Rifleman Dreadnoughts and Hydras will have the Skyfire rule and thus will laugh at your fliers before shooting them all down (see how far 2 hull points on low AV vehicles gets you when you get shot at by twin-linked autocannons…).

Expect people to rush out and buy these in droves, and then a few months from now put them on the shelf to collect dust when they can’t live long enough to do anything (and get their passengers killed when they die).


Close Combat Weapons Have an AP Value: You filthy Xenos aren’t allowed to win combat against Terminators! We need to put a stop to these shenanigans!

L: So now Power Axes, Power Fists, Chainfists and Thunderhammers (as well as weapons with codex specific rules) are the only AP2 CC weapons. TH/SS Terminators just became unbelievably good. Xenos armies CC units with points costs based on power weapons that deny all armour saves? LOLZ!

G: I already thought Eldar Howling Banshees were expensive… now they are down right a waste. Keep shafting the Eldar that’s good game design.

L: It’s not just Eldar, basically every Xenos CC unit that relied on power weapons to kill terminators just got royally screwed.


Allies Rules: Because we’d rather sell you some Imperials than actually fix your shitty Xenos Codex. Tyranid players? FUCK YOU!

L: Allies, besides being an obvious money-grab, are the biggest troll of Xenos players by GW ever: Rather than actually trying to fix most of the Xenos codexes, you can instead plug the gaping holes in your Xenos armies by…buying a detachment of Imperials! And you’re going to need to! Because Imperials have Skyfire and you don’t! And also cheap meltas! And also Terminators that laugh at your power weapons! HA HA!

Well except for Tyranid players who doubly pointed at and laughed at by GW. Firstly because the Xenos codex which needed the most help from allies can’t take any, and secondly because several of the alliances possible under the rules are complete fluff abominations (Dark Eldar and Chaos?! Are you kidding me?!) while one of the few that would have actually made sense, IG and Tyranids (to represent Genestealer cults), got the big middle finger from GW.

You can now completely write off Tyranids as a viable tournament army since even the other Xenos armies will have Imperial detachments to plug their holes, and give them Skyfire units with which to laugh at flying Tyranid MCs.


In Summary: GW is now blatantly trolling their playerbase.

L: I haven’t even bothered mentioning the new psychic powers because until I see the rules for the individual powers themselves, I don’t want to comment on them. However, so far it seems like yet another example of GW doubling down on a mechanic most fantasy players loathe.

Overall this new edition looks like GW taking the opportunity to rub salt in the wounds of competitive players who wanted a ruleset more conducive to tactical play, and doubly so to players of Xenos armies, who are IMHO being straight up trolled at this point.


G: I want to add in the one thing I do like. The change to Rapid Fire is pretty good.

I used to play Tau in 5th. I don’t need to tell you how outright useless Firewarriors were. I’d of killed for this change in 5th. So I guess that at least is something to be happy about. Though I understand the rage about assault weapons being almost a joke now.

L: Actually, Tau did get a bit of a boost. Between the rapid fire rules, hull points for vehicles (makes Plas/Missile suits better), and the ability to take an Eldar Farseer with Fortune/Guide/Doom, Tau did alright. The only thing that remains to be seen is if any of their units get the Skyfire rule, otherwise they could have some serious issues with fliers.


That’s Yo “No, we aren’t bitter about giving a company that treats us like they hate us…” Garbage



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