May 09 2012

Small World Realms – Taking Pre-Orders

When the original Small World game came out, and I read about it, I was pretty sold on the idea. A bunch of fantasy races with random special abilities, and best of all no dice. (Dice and I do not get along, ever) Seriously, I stupidly didn’t even read a single review, I just went out and bought it. Luckily, the game was awesome, and really all subsequent ‘expansions’ for the game have been great. My personal favorite is the free one that adds tunnels to the game. For me, this improved the playability of this game 10 fold. With a new Realms expansion on the horizon, I thought I would take this time to go over the additions it will be adding to an already great game.

Small World Realms will feature a ton of puzzle-like geomorphic terrain tiles that you can mix and match in different ways to make your very own map designs. There are also 12 unique scenarios that you could play that will add new challenges for veteran players. These scenarios were all created by game designer Philippe Keyaerts.  They will mostly be customizable for a varying amount of players (up to 6).  If you would like to get more info on the scenarios you can expect to see, including a Q&A with Philippe Keyaerts check out the Days of Wonder Blog.

The part that I’m most excited about it the ability to make your own Small World map, and customized scenarios. This is closely related to how myself and a group of friends play Heroscape. The Small Worlds Realms expansion will be a ‘world-builder’ expansion that is sure to add enormous amounts of re-playability to an already ‘fantastic game.

The box will include 26 different Terrain tiles featuring 3 regions each; 12 Mountain tiles, 6 Chasms, 4 new Peaks, 12 Tunnels along with other tokens, markers, turn track and rules booklet with 12 preset Scenarios and rules for creating your own.

Small World Realms will be available from the Days of Wonder webstore and from better game stores throughout Europe in June and in North America in early July. Retail Price should be around $35 USD.

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  1. MagicallyVermicious

    I’m a sucker for modular boards.

  2. MisterWanderer

    I like that idea. I might buy Small World now.
    Not that I didn’t like it before but the static board just rankled me a bit.

  3. MagicallyVermicious

    The static board isn’t all that bad. Technically, there are 4 boards, one for each number of people that can play (2, 3, 4, 5). I think the randomization of powers also makes up for it.

  4. CunningAllusionment

    What bugs me about the original boards is how symmetrical they are. You can tell the boards were designed to uniformly spread tunnels, crystals, mines, swamps, forests, etc. around each map. I would have preferred it if the maps were asymmetric to drive certain races to certain regions instead of just picking where you went randomly.

  5. scottynosabe

    I’m really looking forward to this expansion. I’ll probably get it after a few months of it being released, but the modular board will add even more replay value to a game that already has a ton.

  6. xragon

    This looks awesome, small world is a lot of fun and this expansion makes sense in my mind. More inclined to buy this than picking up underground which is a whole new game.

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