May 15 2012

Rumor: Snake, Cole, and Kevin Butler to be in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

When I first saw word of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, I immediately thought that there would be no way Sony could top Nintendo in the crazy mascot fighter department.  My skepticism came from me assuming that the game would be full of characters like Kratos and Nathan Drake rather than some of the more obscure characters Sony has been affiliated with.  I became less skeptic when I learned that Parapa and Sly Cooper would be featured in the game but I still did not really feel very excited about the whole ordeal; however, if this voice cast list on imdb is more than just hearsay then I can easily say that I would be incredibly excited for the game.

The imdb listing for PlayStarion All-Stars currently lists David Hayter (Solid Snake), Eric Ladin (Cole MacGrath), and Jerry Lambert the man who plays Kevin Butler in the more recent Sony PlayStation ads.

While its safe to assume that Both Snake and Cole would be playable characters I find myself being more excited at the potential to have Kevin Butler as a playable character.  Hopefully this listing is true and Kevin Butler can join the games cast of playable characters.

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