Aug 12 2012

Rogers stops carrying Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus: For those who want the latest Android OS.

It seems that a few of Canada’s major cellphone providers are in quite a bit of a rush to stop carrying the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Launched on Rogers and Telus in January 2012, the Galaxy Nexus promised of having access to the latest versions of Google’s Android OS much faster than any other Android smartphone. Rumours, however, suggest it was instead the fact that the Galaxy Nexus comes as an unlocked pentaband phone that has been a major sticking point for Rogers and Telus.

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After a January 2012 Canadian introduction, Telus dropped the phone after only four months and Rogers has officially stopped carrying the phone as of August 10. The Galaxy Nexus is still being carried at this time on Fido, Mobilicity, Bell and others.

For any Canadian readers out there on Rogers who would be interested in getting a Galaxy Nexus on Rogers with the full upgrade discount etc. available to them, I strongly recommend you start calling Rogers stores around you and seeing if you can find one that has any left in stock. While the phone has been pulled from their website, they will still be available in stores as long as current inventory holds out.

I had been considering a Galaxy Nexus for a while, a thought strongly encouraged by my experiences with Android after getting my hands on a Nexus 7 tablet, but what was the deciding factor in me upgrading my phone now instead of later was the limited time I had to take advantage of my 2 year upgrade credit on Rogers.

For anyone else unconcerned with upgrade discounts and looking for a Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Canada, I point you to this thread on Reddit where its pointed out that you can get the phone for $299.00 from Mobility and just immediately cancel the activation you have to make to get the discount. This currently seems to be the cheapest way to get a new Galaxy Nexus free and clear of any contracts in Canada.

Finally, for anyone interested in the phone let me give you a word of warning. While the Galaxy Nexus is billed as getting access to the latest updates to Android from Google, this is not entirely true out of the box. In Canada the Galaxy Nexus is on an upgrade channel that goes through Samsung and means that you will not by default get access to Google’s latest Android updates until Samsung pushes them out to their Canadian distribution channel (known as yakjuux).

For anyone with even a moderate level of technical savvy (i.e. you can use very basic commands in a command line interface like cmd on Windows or Terminal on Mac OS) you can find step by step instructions here on the XDA Forums that will explain to you how to make a recovery image of your stock version of Android as the Galaxy Nexus comes out of the box, and then how to flash it with the latest version of Android directly from Google which will put you on Google’s own release channel (called yakju).

I did this with my Galaxy Nexus yesterday and found the process pretty straightforward, and my Galaxy Nexus is now running 4.1.1 flawlessly.

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