Apr 29 2012

Review: Marvel Vs Capcom 2 iOS

As most of you know, this is a re-wrapping of an amazing, if the best fighting game on the Sega Dreamcast. While that does not say much, it does attest to the fact that many people including myself bought this game for the PS2/Xbox Generation, and again on the current platforms. Now you can play it on a nice portable device that most people carry around with them on a daily basis, but the question is …”is it worth my $2.99″ (or $4.99 after the sales ends)?

While I really liked this game in the past, the new port is not without its flaws.  This statement does not mean you should stop reading this review right away, and not even look at the game again.  What it means is that the game is not the same game you played before.  You need to remember you are playing the game on a touch screen device, you do not have a controller. Due to this, the complex techniques, and air combos are tough to accomplish.
There are two basic control modes the new simplified touch screen mode, and the six button mode that most fans of the game are used to.  The new touch screen controls include a single punch and kick button, and a new flick stick for special and assisted attacks. In this mode, it is almost impossible to pull of certain combos. The system sounds good in theory, but in practice it works poorly.  The Six-button controls are a bit better, but the lack of tactile feedback makes things difficult.  I know this is a useless complaint with a touch screen game, but I really found it hard to play since the on-screen buttons are unresponsive at times. I know some people will just write this off as being a problem with touch screen controls, however, when comparing this to Street fighter IV Volt, where I find the controls to be really well done, this game just falls short control-wise.
Another problem the game faces is slowdown. The frame-rate can get a bit choppy during high action moments; once again adding to the difficulty of doing combos.  Frustration does become a predominate theme while playing this game.  I found that my iPhone 4S to was regularly up to speed during gameplay, but slow-downs still occurred from time to time.  Visually, I like how the game looks retro, remember it is 12 years old now.  I also like how all 56 Characters are in the game, but they only start you off with 24, allowing you the pleasure of unlocking more. Since the game will mostly be played single-player, because there is no online multiplayer, this gives you a reason to actually play the game. If you are into that sort of thing, because other then that, your just beating on the computer for no-reason. Bluetooth mulitplayer is an option, but honestly it’s not the same as being able to find a random opponent at any time. There isn’t even any Game Center achievements or leader boards… it’s a very lonely game.

Overall, I felt the game was rushed, and pretty sloppily put together. It’s harsh to say but, it seems to be nothing more then nostalgic cash grab at this point. The game isn’t entirely unplayable, but in comparison to some other fighting games on the iOS the game falls short by a huge margin. (King of Fighters-i and Street Fighter IV Volt are much better options, with comparable prices). If you haven’t already bought this game (which I hope you didn’t) then I suggest you wait. The game is a few easy bug-fixes and updates away from a great game, but until then don’t waste your money.

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  1. Hit-Enter-Too-Soon

    I have to agree. It’s just plain bad. I bought it thinking I’d have fun like I did with Street Fighter… but I haven’t. I haven’t even managed to figure out how to switch characters during a fight, although this might just be me sucking.

  2. i010011010

    It’s a fighting game on a touch screen. What could people possibly be hoping for?

    1. Mike

      Street Fighter IV Volt is a good touch screen fighting game.. it is possible

  3. sajanthan

    This port really does ruin a classic

  4. APeacefulWarrior

    I don’t see why Capcom bothers to release games on iOS if they aren’t going to put in enough effort to make them worth buying.

    See also: The horrid Mega Man X port.

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