Oct 01 2012

Review: Looper

This film is almost impossible to summarize because it is very complex. Not Inception complex with the layers and such, but complex in the sense that if I try to explain it, I will most likely give up important plot points. Explaining this film without giving away too much will make the film sound really bad, I will show you with an example of my summary of the film:

In the year 2044 there are assassins known as loopers, this is because in 2074 (30 years in the future from where the story begins) time travel has been invented and outlawed. As we all learned from Prohibition when alcohol was outlawed, when something is illegal there is a market for it, and in turn an opportunity for profit. Thus, the mob makes use of time travel to kill people via sending them back to the past to be killed by loopers. It’s the perfect crime because the act doesn’t even happen in their time. Sound interesting?

This film is a breath of fresh air, and I say this knowing full well that this story does borrow from other films; However, this film brings a uniqueness to it, based on its story telling elements. It is a uniqueness that is hard to explain without ruining the actual films story. Looper is 2 hours, but the time flew by. There are almost no slow moments where you are not involved in what is going on, or trying to understand what is unravelling before you. I usually sit in film theatres and try and predict what is going to happen next, and most of the time I am right. With Looper, I was right about 1/2 the time, and the ending in my opinion was pretty unpredictable. That is until a few second before it happened. It really could have have gone in a few different directions. It is satisfying to watch a film that has that moment when all is unravelled to you, and this singular moment is a unique movie experience to have these days.

Looper brings up a lot of existential and philosophical questions throughout it, and the film is, at some points very heavy. Loopers leaves you asking questions, not about what happened, but about what happens now? How could it have gone differently? and a few more questions I dare not let you read right now since you might not seen the film.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt does such a good job being Bruce Willis, it’s uncanny. You find yourself taking note of the similarities between them, rather then paying attention to the movie, and this can get quite distracting, which really attests to his acting ability. The make-up was well done, and you believe he is a young Bruce Willis.

There were a few minor problems that I had with the film, mostly stemming from a somewhat forced romantic relationship introduced in the middle, and I feel like it was just tossed in for kicks. Although I do like the idea of having a booty call frog. (You will know what I mean when you see it)

Looper is best described as an Action Thriller with Sci-Fi elements, and it’s a film that will stick with you at least 1-2 days after you watch it. If you are looking for something fluffy and light then skip this film. Looper is pretty deep and warrants your attention while watching it. That being said, even though the film is deep, you are still served a lot of action, and the special effects will entertain you. This film is ‘knock your socks off’ good, and we even get a trigger happy Bruce Willis. I have so much more to say, but I do not want to spoil the experience. Watch it and Enjoy!


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  1. Lucas

    Well said and agree with most your review.
    Good job Mike.

  2. Loredo84

    I felt the 93% it got on RottenTomatoes was a bit generous – a 75% in my opinion, would be enough. I do agree with you that the film is a breath of fresh air – and though I did enjoy it, I wish I challenged its audience even more :)

  3. beeeeeg

    Stupid movie! Ugly stupid kid too!

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