Mar 14 2012

Review: Journey

Journey is an unique experience, that can definitely be said. Is it worth your $15, well that depends on you. In this short review I am going to try and help you come to that decision on your own. Why? well because I strongly believe you could either really love this game despite one small short coming, or really hate it.

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Your goal in Journey is simple, get to the mountain with the shiny light on top. Who are you? your a rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, Call yourself what you will…. (yea I went there). And so you travel, along the way you gain powers in the form of music notes that will help you jump higher, and glide to new areas and so forth. your power allowance is tracked by your scarf, the more fragments you have the longer your boost. It is a very simplistic control system, that makes the game have a nice flow; you either walk, jump, or speak (activate a powers).

The real experience of the game has nothing to do with the actual gameplay, or leveling up, or achieving a high score. It’s mostly about taking in the scenery and exploring your surroundings. While trying to find a way to reach the mountain. The visuals are stunning, I was thrown back a few times by it’s sheer ability to delight my senses. The desert sands shimmer like an ocean, and even flow like one. The water reflections in the game are a sight to see. Your cloak and your ever changing scarf flow gracefully with your movements. This all comes together to make the game look like an interactive piece of art.

The score and sounds of the game are spot on. Your speech notes seem to be in-sync with the background music. The music fits the moments you are experiencing so well, it creates a deeper emotional involvement in the game.

It might sound like I am up talking the game a lot, but I haven’t even got to my favourite part, so bare with me just a little longer. The most fascinating part of Journey is the mulitplayer. As you play the game, it will link you with a random person who is at a similar part of the game as you. No lobby, no PSN ID, no chat, just a random cloaked stranger to be with you on your travels. This sounds creepy, but it’s not, it mixes beautifully with how the game is already pulling your emotional strings. The company is appreciated in a desert, even if your only form of communication is through your music notes. The best part is, you do not even have to stay with each other while you play. You do not need each other to complete the tasks, and If you wanted you could go off and explore on your own.

This was a glorious experience for me as a player, and congratulations to thatgamecompany for making a game with real gameplay components, while still being able to make it a flawless free flowing work of art as well. However, it is not all gumballs and lollypops. While the game is inspiring and thought provoking and at the end of the game I had a grin on my face; the game is just too short. I got through the entire game in one sitting (about 2 hours). This is my only gripe, not only because I paid $15 dollars for it and kind of feel like I deserved more for my hard earned money, but the fact that I wanted more…..

As i stated above this game is not for everyone, if your looking for an action game, an FPS, or a competitive type of game look else where. If your open minded you will enjoy this ‘game’ for what it is, ‘an experience’


That’s Yo ‘unique’ Garbage

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    This really was an emotional experience. Good review

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