Aug 08 2012

Review: Goats R Delicious

Goats R Delicious is a game about timing, thinking outside the box and using your brain to solve 9 puzzle filled levels. It’s a pretty unique (even for the Apple app store) 3rd person game, which pits you against your Arch-nemesis: Theodora. Hit the Jump for the rest of the review

For those of you who do not know, and before I played this game I did not know either; “Choo Parr is a frustrated Chupacabra caught in the irrational politically correct universe of the ultra liberal Openly Aggressive University. Forced to hide in plain sight, this Secret Monster is compelled to teach history to the smelly idiotic offspring of stupid humans.” GoatsRDelicious.com. He hates stupid humans, how’s that for relating to a fictional character? The only thing he hates more are cuddly animals, which will you will have to avoid, but most of the time zombify them and throw them for an assortment of reasons. Just don’t hold on for them too long, their cuddles hurt Choo Par. Goats are fair game though, you can hold them for a long time, and then eat them to recover health.

As i mentioned above the game is only 9 levels long, which is not a bad thing because some of the puzzles will take you longer to figure out, which makes the game time vary from person to person. I could see some people get through the game quickly though.

The Goat R Delicious uses a checkpoint system when you die, which is actually quite forgiving. You will usually only be backtracked to the beginning of the in-game action puzzle you are currently working on. What I liked is that if you are mid-level and receive a text, or decide to search something on the web, your progress will remain. Just be careful not to close the game entirely as it does not save mid-level progress.

Like most other popular apps, I usually find the most successful having an easy play style. Thinking is required, but the mechanics of the game (i.e number of buttons or combo of buttons being used) are usually basic. You can pick it up and play at any point in your day without having to fumble trying to remember how to play. This game follows a similar build, it’s basically 2 buttons and an analog stick on screen. Playing this game on and off, or putting the game down and coming back a few days later is possible.

I really like the voice of Choo Parr, and the game audio it very well done. The boss fights are outrageous, and can be tricky at times, but they are fun. The only real issue I had with the game was the analog stick is too small. At first I thought it was unresponsive, and would lag between when I took my finger off of the analog stick and replaced. This was not the case at all, the problem I was having was that the analog stick range of motion is pretty wide, and I would pull my finger pretty far away from the center. When it came time to replace it back to center, I was far away and it took sometime for me correctly find the center point, which while playing a game of timing can lead to frustration. If the analog stick width was a little but wider, it would help a lot. As well, there are a few minor glitches in the game where certain puzzles do not trigger properly, but being version 1.0.1 I am sure some later versions will fix these minor issues.

I really enjoyed this game, and $1.99 is a very fair price. Choo Parr productions definitely succeed by making me interested in researching what this game was all about. To my surprise, I learned that Choo Parr is the star of a new animated series that you can watch for free on Youtube. If you are not a fan of action-puzzle games, I would suggest that at the very least you check out their website and youtube Channel the series is currently only 2 episodes long, but it is entertaining, especially the second episode.


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later. This review was done on the Iphone, certain aspects may change when played on the iPad.

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  1. Matthew Burns

    Thanks for the good review Mike! I am very glad you enjoyed the game and I hope the cute cuddly animals didn’t do too much damage.

    It was Choo Parr Productions’ desire to offer the iOS gaming public something unique and a little bit outside the box and I am happy you were able to enjoy that experience. Where else can you try and storm the wall of a castle while dodging cute animals being shot out of a recliner flown by a mean secretary?

    You are correct about the voice of Choo Parr. We have a great voice actor here in Boise by the name of Ezekiel Robinson and he truly breathes life into our lead character.

    I appreciate the feedback on the analog button. We experimented with different sizes for the iPad and iPhone. I am going to revisit the iPhone’s.

    Mike, it is super to hear you got a kick out of our web series. In a couple of weeks we will be releasing five more animated Choo’s Corner vlogs.

    You guys have a great site!

    Thank you again,
    Matthew Burns (alter ego of Choo Parr)

  2. LeoRidR

    Sounds like a fun game but i dont have any iOS devices :(

    1. Matthew Burns

      That’s alright. If Goats R Delicious takes off, we will consider other devices.

  3. Matthew Burns

    Do you have an Android?

  4. LeoRidR

    Nope I have a blackberry bold. I have already accepted that the mobile games market has abandoned RIM. I’m thinking about getting the next iPhone though.

    1. Matthew Burns

      Yes, RIM is doing quite poorly, especially on the stock market. However, the blackberry is still much in use with certain companies because it is more user friendly. I don’t know how long that will last, though.

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