Apr 16 2012

Review: Game of Thrones Season 2 – What is Dead May Never Die

TYG Breaks down our thoughts on Episode three “What is Dead May Never Die” of Game of Thrones.


The show is starting to get moving, good things are coming. Let’s start on the Greyjoy front. The Iron Born are looking to take hold of the snake card and attack the North, while the north men are too busy battling with the Lannister’s. Talk about the paying the iron price, I’d say it’s cowards prize should they succeed. There was a very dramatic scene on Pyke, until Balon bitch slapped Theon, and he cried about his father shipping him away. One thing they did not describe in the books was Theon’s conflicted moment when he decided to betray his childhood friend Robb. We learn that he was thinking about warning him, but ultimately blood is thicker then a wolfs pelt. This was a great addition to the story. Check out the nice image below.

Since we are on the topic of the north, Bran returned to this episode as well. He spoke with Maester Luwin about his dreams, but was told that his current thoughts of the situation are merely child’s play. However, the good Maester says “all the dragons are gone” but we know better don’t we? In this conversation we also learn a few things about the chain the Maester’s wear round their necks. Each link means a different field of study, the more links the chain has the more experienced the Maester.

Let’s move on to Renly’s crew. I was very much hoping to see High Garden to be added to the Opening Theme, but I think I am putting the horse before the carriage.This episode adds a few more characters; I know, more characters to learn about. Let’s start with Brienne of Tarth, the She-Hulk of Westeros. Although she was not brandished in her blue plated armor, she still kicked ass, and looks almost exactly the way I pictured her in the books. She LOVES Renly, and is willing to do anything for him. After she defeats Ser Loras, she asks to become one of Renly’s royal guards, and is rewarded the title. She is a woman of few words as of now, and her nickname is a cruel insult; Brienne the Beauty.

Margaery Tyrell sports a very deep V-neck outfit for this grand appearance. She is also one of the more accommodating women we will get to meet in Westeros, who isn’t a prostitute. It seems she knows how the game of thrones is played. I Rather liked this take on her character in the show over the books, as they make her out to be a lot less of an innocent child. In the books, we do not go into the bedroom of Renly and Margaery. It appears as though she is very much in a hurry to get pregnant, that she is willing to have a threesome with her brother and Renly. Well to be fair she would pretty much only be there for the ‘happy ending’, but you get the idea. “You decided how you want to do it” Margaery Tyrell; seems fair. This added scene was welcome because as a viewer and a reader it’s like getting a nice ‘new content’ present. Cat makes an appearance here as well, and definitely shows her claws. She is ignored shortly after, but I am sure this conversation will continue soon.

Tyrion, like always, is the best part of most episodes. Once again he is cleaning house, and this time its Maester Pycelle on the receiving end of his cunning. He needs to find out who he can trust and who he cannot trust on the small council, and goes about it using the only weapon he has; his wit. He also decides to send sweet young Myrcella to Dorne, to create a much needed alliance with house Martell; more characters on the way.

Lastly, Arya learns that Yoren used to say the name of the man he hated every night before bed, to help him sleep. Young Arya is an impressionable girl, who has seen too much at her age. She has a lot of people to hate, and now even more. Ser Amory Lorch attacked her camp overnight, eventually leading to the death of Yoren. Let’s not forget about the kid (Lommy Greenhands) who took and arrow in the knee. Although this did not happen as it did in the books based on time constraints, the HBO writers did a fantastic job hitting all the major chords in under 8 minutes. They are now off to Harrenhal, a place that was brought up twice throughout this episode. Keep in mind that Arya saved the men in the cage.

Overall this episode was well written. It hit all the major points I hoped it would, and even delighted me with a few extras.  With most of the introductions behind us, it is time for HBO to really turn up the heat.




Finally an episode that made me remember why I love this series. Episode started with what was going North of the Wall and we found out that Lord Commander Mormont knew about what was going on with Craster and his sons and just ignored it for the sake of having an ally North of the Wall.

While definitely not a popular choice with Jon Snow, this will serve as character development for him later as he learns here that sometimes the “Good Choice” is not the best for the Nights Watch. We also saw the blossoming romance of Sam and Gilly and then we hopped right a long to some serious are-you-afraid-of-the-dark craziness between Bran and his wolf Summer. I’m really looking forward to seeing how HBO handles Bran’s story because I absolutely Loathe his chapters in the books.

We also saw a bit more of Renly, There was a tourney where Loras Tyrell gets roflstomped by Brienne of Tarth. I just love the casting of Brienne, where the hell did HBO find a women that makes Gregor Clegane look like Tyrion. The scene with her standing next to Cat Stark made her look positively gigantic. We also got to see Renly “Praying” with Loras and then got to see him buckle under the pressure when faced with the beer flavored nipples of Margery Tyrell.Renly… Robert never had issues siring heirs after a couple of glasses of Arbor Gold, you need to figure shit out.

I need to say I favor the shows portrayal of Margery over the books, because in the books she comes off as a bit of a naive tool who falls for some stupid schemes. Good to see that she is actually aware of the Game of Thrones and is interested in giving Renly an heir to cement her and her family at his side (Probably so she could then orchestrate an end similar to that of Renly’s older brother once the heir is born.)  Hands down though I think Cat’s “These are the Knights of Summer, and Winter is Coming!” was the highlight here.

Ah Greyjoys… How I hate all of you. I have no love for the people of Pyke because they resemble pirates and pirates for all their rum swilling, parrot loving bravado are useless. They can’t hold territory, they don’t follow orders and all they achieve is annoying the crap out of people. I also think Balon is one of the most short-sighted halfwits ever conceived by man-kind… aside from my personal bias though jolly good show! It was nice to know that Theon didn’t just unleash the knife that only Cat Stark saw coming randomly with out a second thought. Does not make the actual act any less devious though, but at least it came off less random than it did in the books.

Tyrion… my God Peter Dinklage… Honestly that guy ran a train of awesomeness through all his scenes. It doesn’t even matter whose in the scenes with him he just radiates the character like some fluorescent beacon of godlike awesomeness. His Scenes with Cersei, Littlefinger and Pycelle were top-notch. His scene near the end with Varys gave me chills. Honestly I don’t even want to talk about it…. it’s that good.

Finally we have a continuation of Arya’s Story which I thought was well handled for a scene that lasted 8 minutes. My favorite part had to be Yoren taking a crossbow bolt to the shoulder like a boss and then retorting with; “This is why I hate Crossbows, the damn things take too long to reload.” Then he proceeds to turn the Lannister punk who shot him into a gore fountain. Arya also tossed Jaqen an axe before he got incinerated and that’s important for later.

Overall this was a strong episode. It is what I was hoping from Season 2!



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