Jun 05 2012

Review: Game of Thrones Season 2 – Valar Morghulis

Ok so we are a little bit late on the Game of Thrones Season Finale review. We do have a good reason for this, and I will explain. Mike and G are part of a baseball team that plays on Sunday nights at 8pm. This allows us to make it home for the 11pm encore presentation for Game of Thrones. This week, however, the umpire decided he wanted to show up late to the game. Thus, we missed the encore presentation, which made us double pissed because G had brewed Mulled wine, and baked Lemon cakes for our enjoyment to watch during the show. (Mike bought him the Official Game of Thrones Cookbook for his birthday, because he is the best friend in all the 7 kingdoms.) To top off the annoyance, both Mike and G have HBO on demand for this exact reason. If they miss an episode they can watch it at their earliest convenience and get a review out fast. Even if that means staying up till 4 am, which has happened before. Problem is, HBO decided to not post the season finale on a timely basis, which is something Mike had given praise about on a previous podcast. I’m sure this enraged him even more, as he hates being made into a liar. Anyways, without further adieu TYG breaks down the 10th episode of Game of Thrones Season 2.  Hit the Jump to read the reviews of G, Mike and Lorenzo, who are all readers of the books.


I knew last weeks episode was going to be a tough act to follow, especially because we’d be seeing a return to form in which we continue to jump around Westeros from character to character. Overall though even knowing that going in this episode left me kind of sour.

Firstly I want to talk about Winterfell. Theon and Measter Aemon’s talk was pretty decent and well acted. Theon’s ultimate choice to stay the course while stupid at least was for what he considered good reason. His speech while very un-true and quite rising was ended suitably by Dagmar clubbing him unconscious. Which after seeing Kristen Stewart’s speech in Snow White and the Hunstman I can say Theon is the clear winner in the rousing speech department.

My problem with the events at Winterfell were more to do with the way Bran and Richon’s scene’s ended. Why was Winterfell a smoking wreck. Why would liberators from Rob’s army torch the castle if Theon had left. Where the hell did Theon go. Where did the army go that sacked Winterfell… What the hell is going on. (I know because I read the book but specifically from the show I’m lost)

I just want to talk about Robb Stark for a moment. I don’t have a fanboy crush on the stark’s like most of my friends, frankly I dislike the house entirely with the exception of Arya. Rob’s decisions in a Clash of Kings have always bothered me. And in the book it came off as him being like his father honorable to a fault. His romance starts completely differently in the book. In the show he seems like a teenager unable to control his hormones. His actions seem almost to spite hit mother/father here and that just irks me even more than blind stark stupidity.

Due to Catelyn’s stupidity we got a nice scene where we see Brienne go all beast mode on a bunch of Stark Men. Having them be Stark men brought two things across to me. First; Brienne is a beast who is not to be trifled with and Jamie is going to start realizing that soon. Second; Catelyn is doing all kind of damage to Robb’s credibility as a leader.

In King’s Landing we see Tyrion recovering from his wounds, he has a talk with Vary’s regarding how nobody will give him credit for holding the city, how his sister and father have basically un-done all his work. Vary’s leaves him saying that he will remember it was Tyrion who saved the city. Bronn is nowhere to be seen and he is no longer the captain of the city watch. This leaves Tyrion in a poor position. No allies in the viper’s nest that is King’s Landing, as well as the Tyrell’s joining the mix. I wouldn’t want to be the half-man at this point.

Speaking of the Tyrell’s Joffery breaks off his engagement with Sansa in favour of the chick with the beer flavoured nipples Margery Tyrell. Sansa is quite happy by this turn of events and is then confronted by Littlefinger offering to help her escape. I really did not like the give away of Littlefinger’s greater plan here. In the book it comes together much more subtly.. This just did nothing for me as Littlefinger is one of my favourite characters and his schemes are some of the most interesting parts of the book.

Dani’s story finally picked up steam, which is good cause I was getting a bit bored with Qarth. She enters the house of the undying and is captured along with her dragons. That is until Drogon figures out how to breathe fire and basically puts an end to this sham. Dani than returns to “The King of Qarth” and finds him in bed with Irii. She than locks him in his empty vault with her ex-handmaiden loots his house and leaves with her dragons in tow. I don’t know if this makes up for nine episodes of nothing but I guess some payoff is better than what happened in Winterfell.

North of the wall we get a glimpse of the White Walkers and John kills Qhorin Half-hand. I also didn’t like the ambiguity of why Qhorin attacks John. It just seems so loose in the show. Where-as it’s a carefully discussed plan in the books. As for Sam and the White Walkers the watch is fairly screwed and I have no idea how Sam will survive being surrounded by an army of White Walkers and Others. I guess we will have to wait till next season to find out.

Arya’s scene with Jaqen was amazing and I cant wait for her to finally learn what Valar Morghulis means. God so hyped!

I just want to end this review and article with this. I really liked Season 1. Having read the books I found a lot of the changes irked me a bit in Season 2. Maybe it’s because reading the books has given me a fuller understanding of the way these characters think. I just feel that Season 2 while amazing compared to most television shows, with some of the most top-notch acting I’ve seen on the small screen in my life (I’m looking at you Lena and Peter) fell kind of flat. There were some great moments but over-all it didn’t wow me as much as season 1.


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