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Review: Game of Thrones Season 2 – Garden of Bones

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This episode should have been called “a tale of two monsters” Let’s start with monster number one Joffrey. I didn’t think it was possible to hate him more than I already do, having read the books, but this show has just played with my emotional strings once again. Joffery’s psychosis keeps getting worse, and I despise it. This is the worst we have ever seen Joffrey, and HBO is doing a fantastic job with this character. Once again, we are given a few story line additions that are not in the book, and this scene was well done. Call me what you will, but I thought something much worse was going to happen with that Baratheon staff, and  I am glad it didn’t. Jack Gleeson, congratulations on a great performance, you are one of the most hated characters in television for me.

On the other side, I know most people did not like Sansa in the first season, because she was on a fantasy ride, and nothing was going to stop her, not even her own father. But, holy crap has she ever paid for her childish actions. Sympathy (G: Nope… no sympathy.)  has definitely started to set in by this point, but buckle down because Sansa is betrothed to Joffrey, and I bet she cannot wait for the honeymoon.

Tyrion, who really feels like the only member of the Lannisters with a brain was a true gentleman this episode, specifically when he calls out Ser Meryn Trant for beating on a defenseless girl. Also, he gets away with threatening the king, and is amazingly bold. There was a moment where you felt that Sansa was going to trust Tyrion, but she stuck to her guns and continues being the dutiful loving wife. Did you see how fast Tyrion brought Lancel from stuck-up know-it-all snob, to groveling scared young boy with just a few choice words. Good show Tyrion, you bring ‘fun’ to every episode.

Arya’s lullaby has started, she is now taking Yoren’s advice and saying the names of all the people she wants to kill, as a way for her to fall asleep. This is a pretty deep moment when you really think about it, she’s just a child, and that list keeps growing; poor thing.

I know I mentioned that Tyrion feels like the only Lannister with a brain, well correction, Tywin his father is back on the scene and he came in and basically told his army to stop killing free laborers for no reason. He made a strong case towards getting the prisoners to work. Arya has won herself the pleasure of being Tywin’s cup-bearer, because she is a clever girl, hopefully she does not get recognized. We finally see the mountain again since his little outburst with his brother and the horse, he’s a damn giant!

Dany’s storyline has gone from tragic desperation, to suspense and fear for her life and her dragons. Everyone wants dragons, so she must tread carefully. Besides the meeting of Xaro Xhoan Daxos, and the opening of the gates of Qarth (Karth), her story so far is rather uneventful, in comparison to season 1.

Once again we get another scene from HBO that does not exist in the books. Robb has just won another battle, he is now 4-0 for those counting, and it was a large victory margin, as 4 Lannister bannermen died for every one northern man. Also, we see Roose Bolton, he loves to flay people, and talk about flaying people. While sorting out survivors and gain a few spoils of war. Robb noticed a woman who was helping a young man, and she catches his eye. Robb do not forget what is at stake here, think of your father, and not your…

Lastly, a lot was happening at Renly’s camp. Littlefinger speaks with Cat and pleads to her ‘motherly’ emotions to trade Sansa and Arya for the King’s Slayer. He also brings a peace-offering for her from Tyrion no less. The offering is Ned’s bones which are to lay with his family in the crypts of Winterfell. It does not end there, there is a fantastic verbal stand-off with Renly and Stannis. Stannis makes some pretty wild claims about destroying Renly, when Renly has almost 10 times the numbers. It’s pretty far-fetched to make these drastic demands with so few visible resources. However, this brings us to the ending of the episode, where it is revealed that Stannis has something up his sleeve, well something up somewhere.. that’s for sure. The ending of the episode is by far the most extravagant thing we have seen in this show, for me it surpasses the birth of 3 dragons by a long shot. Overall, this show is pretty grounded, how did some of you who did not read the books react to this birthing of a shadow creature? When I first read it in the books, although it happens quite differently, and due to time constraints two individual occurrences are merged into one. For me, this felt very outlandish, and did not quite fit the overall story. However, I swallowed hard and just kept reading. Let me know what your thoughts are, SPOILER FREE PLEASE!

A few quick notes here: Davos talks about the pouch he wears around his neck, and Stannis asks him if he must wear his finger bones. If you missed what was going on here i’ll explain. Davos was a smuggler, and is now a Knight. After a past war where Davos helped Stannis take Dragon Stone, Stannis chopped off Davos’ finger tips with a clever, as repentance for his past sins, and made him a knight. Davos wears the fingers around his neck as a reminder of who he was and where he is from, and the greatness he has achieved.

I can’t wait for the next Episode


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From Start to Birth this episode was pretty decent, but it didn’t wow me like last episode. It did make me consider joining the priesthood or gelding myself however so there is that. Episode starts with Greywind getting her Lannister on and then Robb Stark winning another battle. four Lannister dead for every one North-men is huge and you can see that the North-men really put stock in the young wolf…

We also meet some hussy from Volantis (I’m not going to get into this… because its hard to stop the spoiler train.) which I’m sure will end well!

A whole whack-ton of shit goes down in King’s Landing starting off with Joffery being a raging asshole and Ser Meryn Trant just begging for someone to stick him with the pointy end. This episode brought to life a lot of the fundamental issues that Joffery has. His scene with his betrothed in front of the whole court just shows that this guy needs to be put down like a rabid dog. Speaking of dogs; I hope everyone here is noticing the general regard the Hound has for Sansa. He won’t outright disobey his liege but at least he try’s to reign the maniac in.

Overall I find it hard to have sympathy for Sansa. Maybe its because she caused Ned’s Death. Maybe its because she spent the entire first season spitting all over her own house. Maybe its just my dislike of the Starks in general but I just don’t give a crap what befalls her outside of the fact that nobody deserves to be treated the way Joffery treats people. She is the least sympathetic character in the show for me. She made her bed.. Lie in it.

Also Tyrion’s “Bron the next time Ser Meryn speaks…. Kill Him.” was the line of the episode. Tyrion’s complete dismantling of Lancel also shows that he does in fact know how to play the game. Something he should have given Ned Stark a seminar on.

The next scene with Joffery and the whores also goes a long way to cementing the fact that someone needs to end this brat. I won’t get into it because Mike already did up above. Needless to say the King is not blocked up… the King just needs to have his wind-pipe forcibly removed.

A lot went on in this Episode with Renly’s Camp. Littlefinger showed up with the corpse he helped create. He tried to convince Catelyn Stark to run away with him now that poor Neddy was Dead. Failing that he implored her to release Jamie for Sansa and Arya because he knows Robb won’t. I’m starting to see his motives here and its even more disturbing than what I thought they were in the book, and almost as bad as Joffery’s love of paddling people on “Minor Niner” day.

Then we have the brother’s Renly and Stannis. Stannis talks a big game about how he has a right to a crown his brother stole in the first place. Renly replies that nobody likes Stannis because he’s a stiff, unfeeling moron and it doesn’t matter how many smoke- show red-heads he closes. Nobody want’s him for their King. Catelyn Stark tries to intervene, fails and basically the two brother’s decide that the correct choice in the middle of a war with enemies they both share is to have at eachother. Wasting time, resources and men. The scene was well acted and exactly how I pictured it in the book. That doesn’t make the decision any less dumb. The events continue with Melisandre popping out a Shadow Assassin from her “filled with the light of Rhyllor” womb! Raise your hands if your never having kids!.

I’m sure Davos won’t be getting any sleep after seeing that crap go down…jeez.

Arya, the prayer and Harrenhall were all well done. Tywin also proves that he didn’t get to where he is by being a complete moron. The man knows how to take and hold territory. Butchering small-folk for fun is not the way to do it. Honestly HBO nailed the ever-loving shit out of Harrenhall. That is how I pictured it, and it is just as menacing and creepy as I had imagined. Good work out there. Also the Brotherhood is mentioned in this scene and this is important. Who are they? Why do the Lannisters want to know what they are doing? so many questions.

Finally we have Dani, and Qarth… Really other than some heated words here nothing really went on. These Dragon’s need to get bigger A.S.A.P. HBO also nailed the portrayal of Qarth as it once again mirrored my imagination from reading the books. Once again though Dani’s story continues to be a slow one. At-least we can look forward to Qarthian robes… lets be honest its HBO they will deliver!

Overall I think it deserves an


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