Sep 07 2012

Review: Babel Rising Cataclysm

Publisher Bulkypix and studio Mando Productions announced today that the sequel to the popular mobile game Babel Rising, has been released. The new game is titled Babel Rising: Cataclysm, and is now available on the App Store for free.

In this game you will crush hordes of rebellious workers as the try and make a tower tall enough to touch the heavens.You will strike fear into the hearts of humanity while you use your Godly powers (finger gestures) to destroy them. As you progress you will be able to enhance your powers, and create different combos to become more successful at stopping the rebellious humans. All in all there are 40 missions to complete and master, as well as a survival mode.

The best past of this game is the amount of fun the powers can be to use. Releasing a locust swarm has never been more fun, and the imagination of the abilities is not lacking as some may have felt it was in the previous game. There is plenty to keep a gamer busy here, with trophies and challenges, and the game also has a built in link to facebook to boast about your scores to all your friends. The atmosphere of the game is quite engaging and the sound track and animations are well thought out and have a quirky/hilarious feel. Overall, I am satisfied with this new iOS version of the game and i recommend it for someone who feels like they need to exact some punishment…


Oh and did i mention it was free???

Game Features Include:
— A brand-new tower with all-new waves – a truly exciting new adventure!
— Two new characters assist the heathen workers
— A 40-mission Story mode, plus Survival mode
— Five new upgradeable powers on top of the previous game’s seven powers
— Four different settings
— Facebook/Game Center


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