Sep 19 2012

PS3 Gets Another Redesign

Sony announced at their pre-Toky Game Show press conference that they are redesigning the PS3 once again.  The new design of the PS3 is half the size and weight of the original PS3.  The new model will be available in both Black and White .

Pricing for the new SKU’s is at $269 for the 250 GB model and $299 for the 500 GB model.  The 250 GB model will be available in North America this September 25th and the 500 GB model will be available for purchase on October 30th.

Seems like a decent redesign but I already replaced the hard drive in my launch PS3, although I must admit that the white model is tempting me.

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Jason has had a passion for video games ever since he first laid his hands on an NES. He is an enthusiast of gaming and a major tech nerd.

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  1. Loredo84

    I’ve ignored console gaming (save for that Gears of War XBox business, but no matter!) for over a decade. I am happy to stay ignorant of this re-jig of the PS3 as well. I just find it funny that I originally avoided consoles because my parent’s were poor (read: frugal mother and alcoholic, cheap-ass, financially controlling father), and now I’m supposedly part of the PC gamer ‘elite’. Woo. . .

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